Integrated Cloud, Land-surface, and Aerosol System Study (ICLASS) Science Focus Area


Principal Investigators

Jerome Fast — Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Larry Berg — Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Adam Varble — Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
John Shilling — Pacific Northwest National Laboratory


Jingyi Chen — Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Johannes Muelmenstaedt — Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Matthew Christiansen — Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Mikhail Ovcinnikov — Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Laura Fierce — Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Yun Qian — Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Zhe Feng — Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Koichi Sakaguchi — Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Brian Gaudet — Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Manish Shrivastava — Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Andrew Geiss — Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Sheng-Lun Tai — Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Samson Hagos — Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Heng Xiao — Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Gourihar Kulkarni — Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Zhao Yang — Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Ying Liu — Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Rahul Zaveri — Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Po-Lun Ma — Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Alla Zelenyuk — Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
James Marquis — Pacific Northwest National Laboratory


Rational and Challenges: Earth system models (ESMs), high-resolution models, and observations are key tools for improving our understanding of the natural and human-influenced atmospheric processes affecting Earth’s climate. Despite recent scientific advances, models still contain biases arising from knowledge gaps and imperfect parameterizations of important physical and chemical atmospheric processes. While the impacts of these biases are multifaceted, much of the uncertainty has been attributed to short-lived climate forcers, such as aerosol–cloud interaction (ACI) processes. Challenges associated with ACI uncertainties can be divided into three broad categories of atmospheric processes associated with 1) the lifecycle of aerosol populations, 2) the lifecycle of cloud populations, and 3) land–atmosphere coupling. An important complicating factor is that ACI processes depend on the interaction of aerosol and cloud populations that are often highly variable in space and time.

Objectives: Our long-term vision, established in FY 2018, is to transform our understanding of climate-relevant processes and provide more robust model representations of the climate system through the integration of new knowledge on cloud and aerosol populations, and their interactions with each other and the Earth’s surface. Three overarching science questions guide this vision:

  • Q.1 How does the land surface interact with cloud and aerosol processes, and how are these interactions manifested in the climate system?
  • Q.2 What are the key factors that control transitions in cloud populations, and how are these transitions affected by interactions with evolving aerosol, meteorological, and precipitation conditions?
  • Q.3 What are the key processes that control the evolving composition and size distribution of aerosols and consequently the variability of aerosol microphysical, optical, and cloud-nucleating properties?

The proposed research is organized into three Research Elements corresponding to Q.1–Q.3, targeting key processes that are poorly represented or neglected by ESMs. They are also inherently interconnected over multiple spatiotemporal scales and therefore must be addressed in an integrated way to advance process-level understanding and model parameterizations. While the Research Elements are interconnected and inform one another, the effects of land–atmosphere coupling and clouds on aerosol populations are separated out as cross-cutting interdisciplinary activities because they require substantial dedicated collaborations between the Research Elements.

Research Element 1 focuses on natural processes and anthropogenic perturbations associated with feedbacks and vertical exchanges of heat, moisture, momentum, and aerosols within the boundary layer that also influence the lifecycle of shallow convective clouds. We are currently expanding anthropogenic perturbations from irrigation to include urbanization effects

Research Element 2 focuses on the initiation, growth, organization, and properties of cloud populations including their multi-scale thermodynamic and dynamic interactions with environmental conditions in which they are embedded. In addition to research on convective cloud populations over land, we are currently expanding this research to include marine stratocumulus.

Research Element 3 focuses on secondary organic aerosols from biogenic and anthropogenic precursors, their mixing state with other constituents, and their cloud-nucleating properties.

Cross-cutting activities currently focus on the effects of land–atmosphere coupling and clouds on aerosols which will integrate findings of Research Elements 1 – 3. In this way, we will obtain a deeper and more robust understanding of the interrelationships among land–atmosphere coupling, cloud populations, and carbonaceous aerosols that ultimately influence ACI.


Our approach combines measurements and data discovery with high-resolution multi-scale modeling to advance the fundamental understanding of processes associated with our three overarching science questions. Since many of these processes are subgrid-scale in ESMs or influenced by subgrid-scale effects, it is important to assess their impacts on larger-scale dynamics and thermodynamics that control climate and vice versa.

Measurements and Data Discovery: Our research fundamentally relies on analyses of measurements from long-term Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) sites (SGP, TWP, ENA), several ARM field campaigns, the LES ARM Symbiotic Simulation and Observation (LASSO) activity, and laboratory studies using Pacific Northwest National Laboratory’s (PNNL’s) environmental chamber. Cross-cutting activities that consist of interdisciplinary hypotheses focus on GoAmazon, HI-SCALE, and CACTI datasets. We anticipate that measurements from SAIL, TRACER, and EPCAPE and the new long-term ARM AMF deployment in the southeastern U.S. (SEUS) will be useful to address the three overarching science questions in the future once those measurements become available. Analyses of field measurements and modeling needs drive hypothesis-based laboratory experiments in Research Element 3 that focus on investigating secondary organic aerosol formation from anthropogenic and biogenic emission sources. Supplemental non-ARM data will also be necessary, particularly satellite and surface network data that spatially and temporally contextualize detailed ARM long-term site and field campaign measurements.

High-Resolution Multi-Scale Modeling: Multi-scale modeling studies are critical for filling in observational gaps and testing hypotheses based on observational evidence. Many of the processes associated with land–atmosphere coupling, clouds, aerosols, and their interactions occur at small scales and thus a multifaceted approach is needed. Three modeling approaches will be used: (1) large-eddy simulation (LES) configurations to explicitly resolve many boundary-layer and cloud processes using grid spacings of 10–100 meters that leverage LASSO, (2) km-scale simulations to study processes over regional scales and a wide range of atmospheric conditions, and (3) sectional (MOSAIC) and particle-resolved (PartMC- MOSAIC) aerosol box modeling coupled with a cloud parcel model to explicitly resolve detailed aerosol chemistry and mixing state. Where possible, we will take advantage of standard or regional-refined, km-scale E3SM simulations that describe the representation of land–atmosphere coupling, cloud population transitions, and carbonaceous aerosols in relation to observations and our higher-resolution simulations.

Process-Level Understanding: Findings from our analyses of ARM and laboratory data will be coupled with all three modeling approaches and new, complementary novel Lagrangian and machine learning (ML) perspectives to develop an improved understanding of a wide range of atmospheric processes associated with the three overarching questions. This improved understanding is critical to reducing climate prediction uncertainties associated with ACI and the water cycle. By performing in-depth comparisons of measurements and multi-scale model simulations, we will also be able to identify deficient or missing processes, quantify the importance of subgrid-scale processes, and determine the accuracy of process representations in models, helping to inform the development and improvement of next-generation parameterizations and our measurement and modeling activities.

Expected Outcomes: Through a measurements-to-modeling approach that synthesizes ARM measurements, laboratory experiments, multi-scale numerical simulations, and parameterization development, our proposed research will

  1. Elucidate the partitioning of surface fluxes and multi-scale feedbacks between soil moisture, lateral subsurface flow, boundary-layer structure, clouds, precipitation, radiation, and aerosols;
  2. Advance the understanding and model parameterization of processes controlling shallow cloud evolution, deep convection initiation, and organization of cloud populations;
  3. Obtain a more detailed mechanistic understanding and model representation of SOA formation and its mixing state; and
  4. Provide data products and tools derived from ARM and other sources of measurements to the atmospheric community.

Our cross-cutting activities will

  1. Assess the subgrid-scale variability and interrelationships of processes that connect land–atmosphere coupling and cloud populations to sources, sinks, and properties of carbonaceous aerosol that influence the larger-scale aerosol budget and
  2. Obtain a more robust predictive representation of these key climate-relevant processes.

We expect new or improved parameterizations of convective cloud populations and organic aerosol processes to be developed that will be suitable for regional and ESMs, while some observational and modeling analyses will provide the foundation needed to develop parameterizations as part of future research and other projects.

To learn more about this SFA, read this ASR feature story.

Illustration of the primary research priorities and overall approach guiding the ICLASS Science Focus Area.

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