Research Projects - FY 2010

Fiscal Year Title Principal Investigator Institution
2010 Particle-Resolved Aerosol Representation for the Simulation of the Aerosol Impact on Regional Scales Matthew West University of Illinois
2010 Synthesis of In Situ Microphysical Measurements with Remote Retrievals and Models R. Paul Lawson SPEC Incorporated of Colorado
2010 The Radiative Properties of Small Clouds: Multi-Scale Observation and Modeling Graham Feingold National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
2010 RACORO Aerosol Data Processing Elisabeth Andrews University of Colorado
2010 The Development of an Improved Cloud Microphysical Product for Model and Remote Sensing Evaluation Greg McFarquhar University of Illinois
2010 Evaluation of Cloud-Radiation Processes in the ECMWF Global Model Using ARM observations and A-train Anton Beljaars European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts
2010 Evaluation of the Interactions Among Tropospheric Aerosol Loading, Radiative Balance, Clouds, and Precipitation Rohit Mathur Environmental Protection Agency