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Program Documents

2016 Title
October Atmospheric System Research Treatment of Convection in Next-Generation Climate Models: Challenges and Opportunities Workshop Report (PDF)
August Office of Biological and Environmental Research Climate and Environmental Sciences Division Absorbing Aerosols Workshop Report (PDF)
June Atmospheric System Research Marine Low Clouds Workshop Report (PDF)
2015 Title
December New Strategies for Addressing Anthropogenic-Biogenic Interactions of SOA in Climate Models
December ASR Program Fact Sheet (PDF)
March Addressing Numerical Challenges Associated with Large - Eddy Simulations using the Weather Research and Forecasting Model (PDF)
2014 Title
November 2014 ASR Working Group Session Reports (PDF)
2013 Title
September 2013 Science Team Meeting Summary (PDF)
March 2012 Research Accomplishments (PDF)
January 2012 Science Team Meeting Summary (PDF)
January ASR Program Fact Sheet (PDF), Revised December 2015
2012 Title
March 2012 Science Team Meeting Program (PDF)
2011 Title
September 2011 Science Team Meeting Summary (PDF)
September Future Direct and Indirect Effects (PDF)
June Estimate of Historical Aerosol Direct and Indirect Effects (PDF)
April Demonstration of New Aerosol Measurement Verification Testbed for Present-Day Global Aerosol Simulations (PDF)
March Focus Group Guidelines -- DRAFT (PDF)
March 2011 Science Team Meeting Program (PDF)
2010 Title
December Development of a Future Representative Concentration Pathway for Use in the IPCC 5th Assessment Earth System Model Simulations (PDF)
October Evaluation of the Dependency of Drizzle Formation on Aerosol Properties (PDF)
June Comparison of Aerosol and Cloud Condensation Nuclei (CCN) Relationship Parameterizations with Data Collected During the 2008 VAMOS Ocean-Cloud-Atmosphere Land Study (VOCALS) Field Campaign (PDF)
April Evaluation of the Liu-Daum-McGraw (LDM) Drizzle Threshold Parameterization using Measurements from the VAMOS Ocean-Cloud-Atmosphere Land Study (VOCALS) Field Campaign (PDF)
March 2010 Science Team Meeting Summary (PDF)
January ASR Science and Program Plan (PDF)
2009 Title
December Pre-Cloud Aerosol, Cloud Droplet Concentration, and Cloud Condensation Nuclei from the VAMOS Ocean-Cloud-Atmosphere Land Study (VOCALS) Field Campaign (PDF)
March Modeling Activities in the Department of Energy’s Atmospheric Sciences Program (PDF)