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If your paper is supported by a DOE award, include your grant or contract number. This will connect your research in OSTI to your award to help fulfill your DOE award reporting requirements. Grant/contract numbers for all DOE awards acknowledged in the paper should be submitted.

The format should be either (1) two alphabetic characters and seven digits (for DOE awards granted since 2007), or (2) two alphabetic characters, two numeric characters, a dash, two-digit year, two alphabetic characters, and a five-digit number (for awards granted prior to 2007).

Examples: SC0001234; EE0005432; NT0009876; or FG02-03ER83715; FG52-06NA27489; FC07-99ID55444; AC05-76RL01830; AC02-06CH11357; and AC02-96CH12345.

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