Research Highlights


Highlights will be written for high-level accomplishments and published journal articles of ASR research. Each ASR principal investigator (PI) is expected to submit at least one highlight per fiscal year.

Recent Highlights

Long-term single-column model intercomparison of diurnal cycle of precipitation

13 January 2022

Xie, Shaocheng; Tang, Shuaiqi

Supported by: ARM ASR

Research area: General Circulation and Single Column Models/Parameterizations

General circulation models (GCMs) have for decades exhibited difficulties in modeling the diurnal cycle of precipitation (DCP). This issue can be related to inappropriate representation of the processes controlling sub-diurnal phenomena like convection. In this study, 11 single-column versions (SCMs) of state-of-the-art weather forecast and climate models with multi-year ARM [...]

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Composition and mixing state of airborne particles over the Azores

4 January 2022

Laskin, Alexander

Supported by: ARM ASR

Research area: Aerosol Properties

The paper presents detailed chemical imaging of individual atmospheric particles collected over the Azores during long-range transport events.

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Tackling structural uncertainty in aerosol models

30 December 2021

West, Matthew; Riemer, Nicole

Supported by: ASR

Research area: Aerosol Processes

The aerosol mixing state predicted by a global climate model differs in important structural ways from the one estimated by a high-detail aerosol model. The aerosol mixing state describes the distribution of chemical species across particles in the atmosphere and is important for predicting aerosol-climate interactions.

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New approach for simultaneous estimation of entrainment and detrainment rates in shallow cumuli

7 December 2021

Liu, Yangang

Supported by: ARM ASR

Research area: Cloud Processes

Cloud entrainment is the mixing of environmental air into the cloud, and cloud detrainment is the mixing of cloudy air into the environment. The rates of these two processes are critical to the evolution of cumulus clouds and must be accurately represented in atmospheric and climate models. However, few observational [...]

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The water content of organic aerosol predicts its viscosity

3 December 2021

Shrivastava, Manishkumar

Supported by: ARM ASR

Research area: Aerosol Processes

Small organic aerosols (OA) are mixtures of thousands of species produced from natural biogenic, anthropogenic, or biomass burning sources. The viscosity of OA determines its phase in the atmosphere. Directly measuring the viscosity of fine particulate OA in the atmosphere is challenging. To determine which parameters could accurately predict the [...]

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