Composition and mixing state of airborne particles over the Azores



Laskin, Alexander — Purdue University

Area of research

Aerosol Properties

Journal Reference

Tomlin J, K Jankowski, D Veghte, S China, P Wang, M Fraund, J Weis, G Zheng, Y Wang, F Rivera-Adorno, S Raveh-Rubin, D Knopf, J Wang, M Gilles, R Moffet, and A Laskin. 2021. "Impact of dry intrusion events on the composition and mixing state of particles during the winter Aerosol and Cloud Experiment in the Eastern North Atlantic (ACE-ENA)." Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 21(24), 10.5194/acp-21-18123-2021.


The paper presents detailed chemical imaging of individual atmospheric particles collected over the Azores during long-range transport events.


Observations indicate that entrainment of particles from long-range continental sources alters the mixing state population and cloud condensation properties of aerosol in the region. 


The work provides field observation data to inform atmospheric models that simulate sources and particle composition in the eastern North Atlantic.