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Aerosol Life Cycle


Berg, L.
Two-Column Aerosol Project: Impact of Elevated Particle Layers on Particle Optical Depth ASR
Ching, J.
Three Dimensions Are Better Than Two, When It Comes to Representing Aerosols ASR
de Boer, G.
An Update on Unmanned Platforms at Oliktok Point ARM ASR
Fast, J. D.
Impact of External Industrial Sources on the Regional and Local SO2 and O3 Levels of the Mexico Megacity ASR
Unraveling the Layers of Aerosols in the Atmosphere ARM ASR
Feng, Y.
Radiative and Thermodynamic Responses to Uncertainty in Aerosol Extinction Profiles ARM ASR
Ghate, V. P., Carlton, A.
Reconciling Aerosol Optical Thickness and Surface Particle Mass Through Aerosol Liquid Water ASR
Kulkarni, G.
From Fire to Ice ASR
Getting Cloud Ice from Pollution ASR
New Instrument to Study Ice Crystal Residuals ARM ASR
The Dark Side of Cold Clouds ASR
Martin, S. T.
Isoprene Photochemistry over the Amazon Rainforest ARM ASR
Sub-Micrometre Particulate Matter Is Primarily in Liquid Form over Amazon Rainforest ARM ASR
Riemer, N., Ching, J.
Black Carbon Aerosols Alter Cloud Microphysical Properties ASR
Shilling, J. E.
Efficient Formation of Organic Particles from Isoprene Oxidation by a New Pathway ASR
Shrivastava, M.
Hiding in Plain Sight: a Less-Explored Secret of Secondary Organic Aerosols ASR
Smith, J.
Chamber Studies Uncover New Pathways for Atmospheric Aerosol Growth ASR
Smith, J., Pierce, J. R.
The Details of the Growth of Atmospheric Particles to Climate-Relevant Sizes ARM ASR
Zhang, Q.
Regional Influence of Aerosol Emissions from Wildfires Driven by Combustion Efficiency ARM ASR
Urban Emissions Significantly Enhance SOA Production at a Rural Site in the NE US ARM ASR
Zhao, C.
Capturing Biogenic Volatile Organic Compounds in a Coupled-Model System Compared to Observation ARM ASR


Kassianov, E.
Good Is Not Enough: Improving Measurements of Atmospheric Particles ARM ASR
Kulkarni, G.
Comparison of 17 Ice Nucleation Measurement Techniques for Immersion Freezing ASR
Lee-Taylor, J., Madronich, S.
Multiday Production of SOA in Urban and Forest Outflow ASR
Lu, Z., Streets, D. .
Light Absorption of Primary Organic Aerosol Paper Named ACS Editors' Choice ASR
Moffet, R.
Parameterizing the Mixing State of Complex Submicron Aerosols Using Chemical Imaging ARM ASR
Thorsen, T., Fu, Q.
Retrieving Cloud and Aerosol Properties from the ARM Raman Lidar ARM ASR
Zelenyuk-Imre, A.
Even at High Humidity, Aerosols Stick Around: Slowly Evaporating Particles Refute Assumption ASR
Zhang, Q., Fast, J. D.
Long-Term Measurements of Submicrometer Aerosol Chemistry at SGP Using an ACSM ARM ASR


Biraud, S. C.
Reality Check: Estimates for Human-Caused Methane Emissions in the U.S. Appear Off by 50% ARM
Church, J.
The Overambitious Other Carbon ASR
Dubey, M. K.
Measured Parameterization of Fire Aerosol Single Scattering Albedo Using Combustion Efficiency ASR
Dubey, M. K., Donahue, N.
Scientists Uncover Combustion Mechanism to Better Predict Warming by Wildfires ARM ASR
Hodzic, A.
Effect of Dry Deposition of Condensable Organic Vapors on SOA Formation in the Urban Plume ARM ASR
Gas-Phase Dry Deposition as a Major Removal Mechanism for Secondary Organic Aerosols (SOA) ASR
Kassianov, E.
Double Bonus: Win-Win for Atmospheric Particles ARM ASR
Knote, C., Hodzic, A.
Does Glyoxal Contribute Significantly to Regional SOA Formation? ASR
Kulkarni, G.
Dust Takes Detour on Ice-Cloud Journey ARM ASR
Laskin, A.
Forecast Calls for Better Models: Examining the Core Components of Arctic Clouds to Clear Their Influence on Climate ARM ASR
OBrien, R. E., Gilles, M.
Phase State and Physical Properties of Ambient and Lab-Generated Aerosols: X-ray Microscopy ASR
Scarino, A. J.
Comparison of Mixed-layer Heights from Airborne HSRL and WRF-Chem During CARES ARM ASR
Thornton, J.
The Organic Molecules Explaining New Particle Growth in the Boreal Forest ASR
Xu, L., Russell, L. M.
Arctic Winter Frost Flowers Have Negligible Influence on Cloud Longwave Warming ARM ASR
Zaveri, R.
Predicting Atmospheric Particle Population's Weight Gain ASR


Bhattacharya, A.
Wildfires Lead to More Warming Than Climate Models Predict, a New Mexico Fire Study Reports ASR
Fast, J. D.
Development and Validation of a Black Carbon Mixing State Resolved Three-Dimensional Model ARM ASR
Gilles, M., Moffet, R.
Spectro-Microscopic Measurements of Carbonaceous Aerosol Aging in Central California ARM ASR
Kafle, D. N., Coulter, R. L.
Micropulse Lidar-Derived Aerosol Optical Depth Climatology at ARM Sites Worldwide ARM
Keppel-Aleks, G.
Determining the Future of CO2 Using an Earth System Model ARM
Li, Z.
A Mixed Bag of Aerosols over Northeastern China ARM
Mather, J. H.
Twenty Years Serving Climate Science ARM
McComiskey, A. C.
More Like Shades of Gray: the Effects of Black Carbon in Aerosols ARM ASR
Scale Shows True Weight of Aerosol Effects on Clouds ARM ASR
Roeder, L. R.
Ground Stations Likely Get a Boost from Satellites to Estimate Carbon Dioxide Emissions ARM
Shilling, J.
When Pollution Gets a Whiff of Trees ARM ASR
Wang, J.
Probing the Birth of New Particles ARM ASR
Zaveri, R.
The Mixing State of Carbonaceous Aerosol Particles in Northern and Southern California Measured During CARES and CalNex ARM ASR
Zelenyuk-Imre, A.
Chemical Diffusivity and Viscosity of Secondary Organic Aerosols ASR


Bergmann, D., Chuang, C.
Modelling Future Changes in Surface Ozone: a Parameterized Approach ASR
Regional Controls on Ozone Precursors Will Have Different Impacts on Future Climate ASR
Bergmann, D.
The Influence of Regional Anthropogenic Emission Reductions on Aerosol Direct Radiative Forcing ASR
Chand, D.
Partly Cloudy with a Chance of Aerosol ASR
Dubey, M. K.
Carbonaceous Aerosol Aging Mechanisms Improve Agreement of Global Simulations with Data ARM ASR
Fast, J. D.
Weather and Atmospheric Overview During Study of Natural and Urban Emissions (CARES) ARM ASR
Fischer, M. L.
Measured Radiative Cooling from Reflective Roofs in India ARM
Flynn, C. J.
Aerosols Help Heat Up the Yangtze River Delta in China ARM ASR
Ghan, S. J.
Heating Up the Arctic: Most Complete Data Set Ever Collected Helps Scientists Understand Aerosol ARM ASR
Kassianov, E.
"Invisible" Giants in the Sky ARM ASR
Lord of the Wings: Elevated Particles a Rising Star ARM
Kirchstetter, T. W.
Black Carbon Reduction of Snow Albedo ASR
Laskin, A., Fast, J. D.
Atmospheric Sea Salt and Anthropogenic Organic Pollutants Mix to Lose ARM ASR
McComiskey, A. C.
What Exactly Do Metrics for Aerosol-Cloud Interactions Represent? ARM ASR
Torn, M. S.
Seasonal and Interannual Variability in 13C of Ecosystem Carbon Fluxes from 2002-2009 ARM ASR
Turner, D. D., Mlawer, E. J.
First Ground-Based Spectral Observations of the Entire Infrared Band ARM ASR
Zaveri, R.
Mexico City Carbon-Containing Particle Composition Simulated ARM ASR
Zelenyuk-Imre, A.
Pollution Hitches Ride to Arctic ASR
Zhang, Q.
Impact of Anthropogenic Emissions on Organic Aerosols During CARES ARM ASR


Bond, T., Rood, M. J.
Laboratory-Measured Optical Properties of Primary Organic Aerosol for Humidities Up to 95% ARM ASR
Delamere, J. S.
Improving the Treatment of Radiation in Climate Models ARM
Jimenez, J.
New Characterization of Organic Aerosol Evolution Will Help Improve Models ARM ASR
Kassianov, E.
Cumuli Impact on Solar Radiation at Surface: Spectral Changes ARM ASR
Martin, S.
Modeled Compared to Measured O:C and H:C Elemental Ratios of Secondary Organic Material ARM ASR
McMurry, P. .
First Measurements of Neutral Atmospheric Cluster and 1-2 Nm Particle Number Distributions During Nucleation Events ARM ASR
Michalsky, J. J.
Climatology of Aerosol Optical Depth in North‐Central Oklahoma: 1992–2008 ARM ASR
Schwartz, S. E.
Production Flux of Sea-Spray Aerosol ARM
Smith, J., McMurry, P. .
New Insight on the Atmosphere’s Tiniest Particles ARM ASR
Song, C.
A Dance of Aerosols ASR


DeMott, P. J., Liu, X.
Ice Nucleation Link to Aerosols for Global Models ARM
Li, Z.
First Observation-Based Estimates of Cloud-Free Aerosol Radiative Forcing Across China ARM ASR
Martin, S. T.
CCN Activity and Mixing Rules of Isoprene Secondary Organic Aerosol (SOA) and Sulfate ARM