Research Highlights sorted by Submission Date

August 2019

Organic Particles Modulate Soot Mixing in the Atmosphere ARM ASR
Zaveri, R.
A New Perspective on Shallow Convective Clouds ARM ASR
Fast, J. D.
When a Pristine Rainforest Encounters a Pollution Plume ARM ASR
Shrivastava, M., Fast, J. D.
Closing the Gaps in Modeling Rain in Large Storms ARM ASR
Fan, J., Fast, J. D.
Melting Layer Attenuation at Ka- and W-bands as Derived from Multi-frequency Radar Doppler Spectra Observations ARM
Moisseev, D. N.

July 2019

The Aleutian Low-Beaufort Sea Anticyclone: a Climate Index Correlation with the Timing of Springtime ARM ASR
Cox, C. J., de Boer, G.
Correcting CMIP5 Evapotranspiration Trends and Sensitivity to Changing Climate ARM ASR
Sullivan, R.
Cloud Edge Properties Measured by the ARM Shortwave Spectrometer over Ocean and Land ARM ASR
Marshak, A.
Controls on Draft Size and Cold-pool Characteristics ASR
Trapp, R. J.
How Do Aerosols Impact Tropical Deep Convection and Precipitation? an Idealized Modeling Study ASR
Anber, U., Jensen, M.
Updraft Constraints on Entrainment: Insights from Amazonian Deep Convection ARM ASR
Anber, U., Jensen, M.
Aerosol Mixing State: Measurements, Modeling, and Impacts ASR
Riemer, N., West, M.
Can Embedded Liquid Layers Be Classified in Polar Clouds Using a Zenith-pointing Radar? ARM ASR
Silber, I.

June 2019

Can Liquid Cloud Microphysical Processes Be Used for Cloud Radar Calibration? ARM ASR
Maahn, M., de Boer, G.
Dust Indirect Climate Effects by Glaciating Mixed-phase Clouds ARM ASR
Liu, X.
Retrieving Cloud-top Radiative Cooling for Stratocumulus from Space ARM ASR
Zheng, Y. Y., Li, Z.
Heterogeneity of Latent Heat Fluxes over the ARM SGP Site from Satellite-based and in Situ Measurements ARM
Sullivan, R.

May 2019

Role of Drizzle in Modulating Turbulence in Stratocumulus-topped Boundary Layers ARM ASR
Ghate, V. P., Cadeddu, M. P.
Understanding Differences of ECOR and EBBR Measurements and Their Impact on Large-scale Forcing ARM ASR
Tang, S., Xie, S.
Use of Polarimetric Radar Measurements to Constrain Simulated Convective Cell Evolution ASR
van Lier-Walqui, M., Collis, S. M.

April 2019

Rutledge, S. A., Matsui, T.
New Insight Into the Microphysics of Mixed-phase Orographic Clouds Gained by StormVEx ARM ASR
Hallar, G., Lowenthal, D.
Shallow Convection and Boundary-layer Fluxes: the Parameterization of Post-cold-front Clouds ARM ASR
Booth, J., Naud, C. M.
Theory, Laboratory, and Field Data Synthesis Constructs Wildfire Smoke Absorption Parameterization ASR
Dubey, M. K.
New Insights Into Mesoscale Convective System Updrafts and Downdrafts ARM ASR
Wang, D., Giangrande, S.
Impacts of Observational Error Sources on Multi Doppler Radar Vertical Air Motion Retrievals ARM ASR
Oue, M.
Precipitation Size Distributions as an Analytical Function of Updraft Velocity and Cloud Depth ASR
Garrett, T. J.
A Multi-year Analysis of Precipitation Properties at the Eastern North Atlantic Observatory ARM ASR
Giangrande, S., Wang, D.
New Approach to Converting Model Output to Radar Variables ARM ASR
Kumjian, M., van Lier-Walqui, M.

March 2019

The Green Ocean: Precipitation Insights from the GoAmazon 2014/15 Experiment ARM ASR
Wang, D., Giangrande, S.
Characterizing Fundamental Scaling Relationships of Raindrop Size Distributions ARM ASR
Morrison, H. C.
Using Ground-based Observations to Understand How Low-cloud Reflectivity Responds to Warming ARM ASR
Klein, S.
Relationship Between Aerosols, Hail Microphysics, and ZDR Columns ASR
Khain, A., Ryzhkov, A.
The Effect of Land Heterogeneity and Background Wind on Shallow-to-deeper Convection Transition ARM ASR
Zhang, Y.

February 2019

Exploring the Role of Water Vapor in the Oxidation of Monoterpenes ASR
Smith, J., Pierce, J. R.
Arctic Mixed-phase Boundary-layer Clouds: Advances in Understanding and Outstanding Questions ARM ASR
Fridlind, A. M.
Oliktok Point, Alaska, KAZR Data Set Available for Mixed-phase Cloud Studies ARM ASR
Williams, C. C.
(GO)2-SIM: a Ground-based Forward Simulator to Evaluate Hydrometeor Phase Profiles in a Climate Model ARM ASR
Lamer, K., Fridlind, A. M.
Learning About Drizzle from a Doppler Cloud Radar ARM ASR
Fridlind, A. M.

December 2018

Marine Boundary-layer Aerosol in Eastern North Atlantic: Seasonal Variations and Key Processes ARM ASR
Wang, J.
Evaluating Soil Moisture Feedback on Convective Triggering ARM ASR
Williams, I. N.
Understanding Systematic Radiation Errors in Global Models ARM ASR
Ahlgrimm, M.

November 2018

Seventeen Years of Convective Macrophysical Properties in Darwin ARM ASR
Collis, S. M., Protat, A.
CAPE Times P Explains Lightning over Land But Not the Land‐ocean Contrast ASR
Romps, D.
New Satellite Method to Estimate the Decoupling Degree of Marine Low Clouds ARM ASR
Zheng, Y. Y., Li, Z.
Black Carbon Formation by SP2-induced Charring of OA ARM ASR
Sedlacek, A. J.
Combining Space and Ground Measurements for More Accurate Rainfall Estimates ARM ASR
Jakob, C., Collis, S. M.
The Role of Cloud Top Radiative Cooling in Marine Stratocumulus ARM ASR
Li, Z., Zheng, Y. Y.
Improved Convection Parameterization Reduces Double ITCZ Biases ARM ASR
Zhang, G.
Moisture Distributions in Tropical Cold Pools ARM
Zuidema, P., Chandra, A. S.
Biomass Burning Smoke Hygroscopicity Determined by Aerosol And/or Fuel Inorganic Content ASR
Dubey, M. K.
Large-scale Drivers of Low-level Cloud Macroscopic Properties at the ENA Site ARM ASR
Naud, C. M., Booth, J.
Objective Determination of Synoptic States ASR
Mechem, D. B.
Mean Precipitation Change from a Deepening Troposphere ASR
Romps, D.

October 2018

Different Regimes and Active Regions of Aerosol Indirect Effects ASR
Liu, Y.
Time Scales in Study of Turbulent Entrainment-mixing Processes ARM ASR
Liu, Y.
Molecular and Physical Characteristics of Aerosol at Pico Mountain Observatory in the Azores ASR
Mazzoleni, L. R., Mazzoleni, C.
Large Regional Shortwave Forcing by Anthropogenic Methane Informed by Jovian Observations ASR
Collins, W. D., Feldman, D.
Resolving the Mechanisms of Hygroscopic Growth and CCN Activity for Organic Particulate Matter ASR
Martin, S. T.
Observations of Reduced Ice in Polluted Arctic Mixed-phase Clouds ARM ASR
Norgren, M., de Boer, G.
Relationship Between Turbulence and Drizzle in Continental and Marine Low Stratiform Clouds ARM ASR
Kollias, P.

September 2018

Quantification of Convective Clustering ARM ASR
Kim, D.
Boundary-layer Controls on Shallow Cumulus ARM ASR
Lareau, N. N.
The Solute and Curvature Effects on the Broadening of Cloud Droplet Size Distribution ASR
Yang, F., Vogelmann, A. M.
The Shady Role of Shallow Clouds ARM ASR
Xiao, H.
Mission Possible: Estimating Cloud Area from Sky Images ARM ASR
Kassianov, E.
Formation and Evolution of Tar Balls from Northwestern US Wildfires ARM ASR
Sedlacek, A. J., Kleinman, L.

August 2018

Understanding the Bubbly Nature of Cumulus Convection ASR
Morrison, H. C.
Observing Clouds in 4D with Multi-view Stereo Photogrammetry ARM ASR
Romps, D.
Heterogeneity in Warm‐season Land‐atmosphere Coupling over the U.S. Southern Great Plains ARM ASR
Xie, S.
Water Vapor Turbulence Profiles of the Convective Boundary Layer over the ARM TWP Site ARM ASR
Turner, D. D., Osman, M.

July 2018

Cloud Formation and Distribution Follows Simple Thermodynamic and Statistical Laws ASR
Garrett, T.
Characterizing the Barrier Effect on Tropical Precipitation Patterns ASR
Burleyson, C. D.

June 2018

Aggregation of Spherical Carbonaceous Particles in Wildfire Smoke ASR
Mazzoleni, C., China, S.
Aerosol Swelling: a Major Source of Error When Estimating the Aerosol First Indirect Effect ARM
Li, Z.
Analytical Expression of Marine Stratocumulus Virga Depth Evaluated with Observations ARM ASR
Yang, F., Vogelmann, A. M.
WRF Hindcasts of Cold Front Passages over the ARM Eastern North Atlantic Site ARM ASR
Naud, C. M., Booth, J.
Global, Remotely Sensed Ice Production in Mid-level Stratiform Mixed-phase Clouds ASR
Zhang, D., Vogelmann, A. M.

May 2018

Retrieving Liquid Cloud Temperature from Three-channel Microwave Radiometer Measurements ARM ASR
Matrosov, S., de Boer, G.
Using ARM Data Sets to Evaluate Climate Model Cloud Simulations ARM ASR
Wang, H.

April 2018

Using ARM Cloud Observations to Confront Model Cloud Transitions ARM ASR
Mechem, D. B.
The Relative Role of Surface Energy Budget on the Warm Surface Air Temperature Bias ARM ASR
Klein, S.
Diagnosis of the Summertime Warm Bias in CMIP5 Climate Models at ARM's SGP Site ARM ASR
Klein, S., Xie, S.
Introduction to CAUSES: Weather and Climate Models' Near-surface Temperature Errors Near ARM's SGP Observatory ARM ASR
Morcrette, C. J.

March 2018

CAUSES: Attribution of Radiation Biases in NWP and Climate Models Near the US Southern Great Plains ARM ASR
Van Weverberg, K.
The Role of Atmospheric Organic Aerosols as Ice-nucleating Particles ASR
Knopf, D.
A Pseudo-aerosol Convective Invigoration Effect Caused by Aerosol-meteorology Correlation ARM ASR
Varble, A.
The Dependence of SCM Precipitation and Clouds on the Spatial Scale of Large-scale Forcing at SGP ARM
Tang, S.
Primary Modes of Global Drop-size Distributions ARM ASR
Rutledge, S. A., Dolan, B.
How Some Aerosols Transform from Atmospheric Bystanders Into Climate Actors ASR
Zaveri, R.
Synergy Between Particle Shape and Fall Speed from Multi Cloud Radar Measurements in the Arctic ARM ASR
Oue, M., Kollias, P.

February 2018

The Rapid "sunrise/sunset" Experienced During the Eclipse ARM ASR
Turner, D. D.
Simplified Representations of Ice Crystals Cause Large Errors in Their Scattering Properties ARM ASR
Schrom, R., Kumjian, M.
Particle-resolved Direct Numerical Simulations and Entrainment-mixing Processes ASR
Liu, Y.
Ice Formed by Contact Freezing: Pressure Matters, Not Just Temperature ASR
Shaw, R. A.
A Unique Look at Clouds and Their Radiative Impacts from the GoAmazon2014/15 Field Campaign ARM ASR
Feng, Z.
Accurately Quantifying Gas/particle Partitioning in Environmental Chambers Despite Wall Losses ASR
Jimenez, J.
Small Particles Play Large Role in Tropical Thunderstorms ARM ASR
Fan, J.

January 2018

A Unique Look at Clouds and Their Radiative Impacts from the GoAmazon2014/15 Field Campaign ARM ASR
Giangrande, S.
Height Dependence of Aerosol-cloud Interaction Regimes ASR
Liu, Y.
Unmeasured Species Are Major Contributors to SOA Formation in the Amazon ARM ASR
Jimenez, J.
Inferring Ice Hydrometeor Shapes from Polarimetric Radar Measurements ARM ASR
Matrosov, S., de Boer, G.

December 2017

Local Air Pollution on Alaska's North Slope Changes Cloud Properties ARM ASR
Maahn, M., de Boer, G.
Ultra-clean Conditions over the Eastern North Atlantic ARM Site ARM
Wood, R.
The Importance of Updraft Width ASR
Trapp, R. J., Nesbitt, S.

November 2017

Balloon-borne Measurements Yield New Insights on Boundary Layer New Particle Formation ARM ASR
Smith, J., Pierce, J. R.
Evaluating Land-atmosphere Coupling in Model Simulations ARM ASR
Klein, S.

October 2017

Causes of Model Dry and Warm Bias over the SGP and Their Impact on Climate Projections ARM ASR
Zhang, M.
Entrainment Rate Diurnal Cycle in Marine Stratiform Clouds ARM ASR
Painemal, D.
A Clearer View of Mixed-phase Conditions in Clouds ARM ASR
Riihimaki, L.
Finding Surface Reflectivity in a Coastal Area ARM ASR
Kassianov, E.
Wildfire Particles Travel a Long Way from Home ASR
Fast, J. D.
ARM Cloud Radar Simulator: a New Tool for Bridging Field Data and Climate Model ARM ASR
Xie, S., Zhang, Y.
Beyond the Rigid Lid: Baroclinic Modes in a Structured Atmosphere ASR
Romps, D.
Exact Expression for the Lifting Condensation Level ASR
Romps, D.

September 2017

A New Composite Modeling Case for Continental Active Surface-forced Shallow Cumulus (CASS ARM ASR
Klein, S., Zhang, Y.
New Method for Efficiently Representing Complex Aerosol Distributions ASR
Fierce, L., McGraw, R. L.
Probing Vertical Air Motions in Deep Convective Clouds Using ARM Radar Observations ARM ASR
Kollias, P., Oue, M.

August 2017

A Newly Identified Cloud Oscillation in Atmospheric Model Simulations ARM ASR
Klein, S.
The Role of Radiative Heating in the MJO ARM ASR
Johnson, R. H., Xie, S.

July 2017

Ice Formation in Stratiform Mixed-phase Clouds at Warm Temperatures ARM ASR
Zhang, D.
Impact of Dispersion on CAM5 Cloud Radiative and Aerosol Indirect Effects ASR
Liu, Y.
Urban Pollution Affects the Production of Organic Particulate Matter from Isoprene in Amazonia ARM ASR
Martin, S. T.

June 2017

An Observational Target for Improving Mid-latitude Deep Convection in Cloud and Climate Models ARM ASR
Fridlind, A. M.
Extensive Surface Melting Event in Antarctica During 2015-16 El Niño ARM ASR
Vogelmann, A. M., Lubin, D.
Capturing Effects of Crop Growth on the Atmosphere in the Southern Great Plains ARM ASR
Torn, M. S., Kueppers, L.
Crop Control of Evaporative Fraction in SGP ARM ASR
Torn, M. S., Kueppers, L.

May 2017

Modeling Condensation in Thunderstorm Clouds ASR
Morrison, H. C.
A New Methodology to Address Aerosol-cloud Effects on Radiation ARM ASR
McComiskey, A. C., Feingold, G.
Two Perspectives on Arctic Clouds: Blending Observations from the Surface and Space ARM ASR
liu, Y., Shupe, M.
Broadening of Cloud Droplet Spectra Through Turbulent Eddy Hopping ASR
Grabowski, W.
Estimation of Depolarization Ratio Using Modern Dual-polarization Weather Radars ASR
Ryzhkov, A.
Aerosol and Cloud Co-variability in the Northeast Pacific Estimated with MAGIC Observations ARM ASR
Painemal, D.
New Algorithm Will Help Improve Convection Representation in Global Models ARM ASR
Wong, M., Ovchinnikov, M.

April 2017

New Computational Framework to Dramatically Improve Layered Clouds in Large-scale Atmospheric Models ASR
Yamaguchi, T., Feingold, G.
Ice Cloud Formation Potential by Free Tropospheric Particles at Pico Mountain Observatory, Azores ASR
Mazzoleni, C., Knopf, D.

March 2017

Why Do General Circulation Models Overestimate the Aerosol Cloud Lifetime Effect? ARM ASR
Penner, J. E.
Low-aerosol Conditions over the Azores Occur During Marine Cold Air Outbreaks ARM ASR
Wood, R.
High-resolution Photos of Clouds from the Surface Reveal Structure Down to Centimeter Level. ARM ASR
Schwartz, S. E.
Seasonal and Diurnal Variations of Large-scale Budgets Observed in the GoAmazon2014/15 Experiment ARM ASR
Tang, S.
Gone with the Wind: the Trans-Pacific Journey of Atmospheric Particles ARM ASR
Kassianov, E.

January 2017

Looking at Clouds from Both Sides Now ARM
Ghan, S. J., Zhang, Z.
To Evaporate or Not to Evaporate: the Question of Secondary Organic Particulate Matter Lability ASR
Martin, S. T.
Less Is More: Low Aerosol Concentrations Produce High Variability in Cloud Droplet Sizes ASR
Shaw, R. A.
Daily Cycle of Cloudiness over Maritime Continent Disrupts the Madden-Julian Oscillation ARM ASR
Hagos, S. M.

December 2016

Reconciling Aerosol Optical Thickness and Surface Particle Mass Through Aerosol Liquid Water ASR
Ghate, V. P., Carlton, A.
Controls of Precipitation in the Amazonian Dry Season ARM ASR
Ghate, V. P.

November 2016

Observations Show That Smaller/faster Falling Convective Ice Particles Improve GCM Simulations ARM ASR
Del Genio, A. D., Elsaesser, G.
Efficient Formation of Organic Particles from Isoprene Oxidation by a New Pathway ASR
Shilling, J. E.
Exploiting Mie Scattering in KAZR Radial Velocities to Retrieve Air Motion and Raindrop Size Distributions ARM ASR
Williams, C. C.
Potential of Higher-order Radar Moments and Slopes for Observing Arctic Ice Clouds ARM
Maahn, M., Loehnert, U.
Deep Convective Vertical Velocity Insights from ARM Profilers in the Amazon ARM ASR
Giangrande, S.
Impacts of the Manaus Pollution Plume on the Microphysical Properties of Amazonian Clouds ARM ASR
Machado, L. A., Cecchini, M. A.

October 2016

A Radiation Closure Study at Both Surface and Top of Atmosphere Using Radiative Transfer Model ARM ASR
Dong, X.
New Raindrop Parameterization and Stratiform Rain Quantitative Estimation from Aircraft and Surface Disdrometer ARM ASR
Dong, X.
4D (space-time) Ice Cloud Microphysical Properties of Deep Convective Systems Retrieved from Next-generation Radar ARM ASR
Dong, X.
Sub-micrometre Particulate Matter Is Primarily in Liquid Form over Amazon Rainforest ARM ASR
Martin, S. T.
Estimation of Cloud Fraction Profile in Shallow Convection Using a Scanning Cloud Radar ARM ASR
Kollias, P., Oue, M.
New Method Tracks Diverse Cloud Characteristics and Evolution ASR
Ovchinnikov, M.
New Instrument to Study Ice Crystal Residuals ARM ASR
Kulkarni, G.
Unraveling the Layers of Aerosols in the Atmosphere ARM ASR
Fast, J. D.

September 2016

Spectrally Invariant Properties of Clouds in Transition Zones During the MAGIC Field Campaign ARM ASR
Marshak, A.
Regional Influence of Aerosol Emissions from Wildfires Driven by Combustion Efficiency ARM ASR
Zhang, Q.
Black Carbon Aerosols Alter Cloud Microphysical Properties ASR
Riemer, N., Ching, J.
A Major Artifact in Aerosol-cloud-interaction Studies Discovered from Azores Measurements ARM
Li, Z.
The Details of the Growth of Atmospheric Particles to Climate-relevant Sizes ARM ASR
Smith, J., Pierce, J. R.
The Time Scales of Variability of Marine Low Clouds ARM ASR
de Szoeke, S. P.

August 2016

Understanding Changes in Cloud Phase Partitioning in Mixed-phase Clouds: an Arctic Case Study ARM
Kalesse, H.
Towards Retrieving Critical Relative Humidity from Ground-based Remote-sensing Observations ARM
Van Weverberg, K.
Impact of External Industrial Sources on the Regional and Local SO2 and O3 Levels of the Mexico Megacity ASR
Fast, J. D.
MAGIC Ship-Based Observations Help Validate Satellite Microwave Liquid Water Path ARM ASR
Painemal, D., Minnis, P.
The Python ARM Radar Toolkit, the World's Leading Interactive Radar Toolkit ARM
Helmus, J., Collis, S. M.

July 2016

The Spectroscopic Foundation of Radiative Forcing of Climate by Carbon Dioxide ASR
Torn, M. S., Feldman, D.
Field Testing the Next Generation of Radiosondes ARM
Jensen, M., Holdridge, D.
Trace Gas Removal by Deep Convective Storms ARM ASR
Yang, Q.
Observing the Amazon: the Role of Time and Place in Cloud Measurements ARM ASR
Burleyson, C. D.
Capturing Biogenic Volatile Organic Compounds in a Coupled-Model System Compared to Observation ARM ASR
Zhao, C.
Hiding in Plain Sight: a Less-Explored Secret of Secondary Organic Aerosols ASR
Shrivastava, M.
Getting Cloud Ice from Pollution ASR
Kulkarni, G.
Three Dimensions Are Better Than Two, When It Comes to Representing Aerosols ASR
Ching, J.
ARM Azores Observations Help Identify Deficiencies in Climate Model Simulations of Low Clouds ARM ASR
Zheng, X.
Pollution from a Megacity in the Amazon: the Case of Manaus, Brazil ARM ASR
Fan, J.
Two-Column Aerosol Project: Impact of Elevated Particle Layers on Particle Optical Depth ASR
Berg, L.
Fall Speeds of Cirrus Crystals Faster Than Expected ARM ASR
Fridlind, A. M.
Sub-Micrometre Particulate Matter Is Primarily in Liquid Form over Amazon Rain Forest ARM ASR
Zaveri, R.

June 2016

Urban Emissions Significantly Enhance SOA Production at a Rural Site in the NE US ARM ASR
Zhang, Q.

May 2016

Chamber Studies Uncover New Pathways for Atmospheric Aerosol Growth ASR
Smith, J.
Spiraling Through a Storm ARM ASR
Giangrande, S.
On the Impacts of Different Definitions of Maximum Dimension for Nonspherical Cloud Particles ARM ASR
Wu, W., McFarquhar, G.
Isoprene Photochemistry over the Amazon Rainforest ARM ASR
Martin, S. T.
Regime Dependence of Cloud Water Variability Observed at the ARM Sites ARM ASR
Ahlgrimm, M.
Microphysical Piggybacking: Understanding the Coupling Between Cloud Dynamics and Microphysics ASR
Grabowski, W.

April 2016

Diagnosing Raindrop Evaporation, Breakup, and Coalescence in Vertical Radar Observations ARM ASR
Williams, C. C.
Quasi-Vertical Profiles – a New Way to Look at Polarimetric Radar Data ARM ASR
Ryzhkov, A.
Saggy Bright Bands ARM ASR
Kumjian, M.
Dependence of Entrainment in Shallow Cumulus Convection on Vertical Velocity and Distance to Cloud Edge ASR
Kuang, Z.
The Midlatitude Continental Convective Clouds Experiment (MC3E) ARM ASR
Jensen, M., Giangrande, S.
Birth and Growth of an Aerosol ARM ASR
Fast, J. D.

March 2016

Cloud Droplet Spectral Shape Sheds New Light on Aerosol-Cloud-Interaction Regimes ASR
Liu, Y., Zhang, M.
Back to Basics: Theoretical Studies on Storm Clouds and Implications for Modeling ASR
Morrison, H. C., Lebo, Z.
An Ensemble-Constrained Variational Analysis of Atmospheric Forcing Data and Its Application ARM ASR
Zhang, M., Tang, S.

February 2016

From Fire to Ice ASR
Kulkarni, G.
The Dark Side of Cold Clouds ASR
Kulkarni, G.
Storm Clouds Take Rain on Rollercoaster Ride ARM ASR
Ovchinnikov, M.
Pollution Changes Clouds' Ice Crystal Genesis ASR
Kulkarni, G.
Clouds' Role in Sunlight Stopping ARM ASR
Burleyson, C. D.
Clouds Re-gathered by Wind Shear ARM ASR
Yang, Q.
An Update on Unmanned Platforms at Oliktok Point ARM ASR
de Boer, G.
Exploring Stratocumulus Cloud-Top Entrainment Processes and Parameterizations by Using Doppler ARM ASR
Albrecht, B. A.
Improving Entrainment Rate Parameterization ARM ASR
Liu, Y.

January 2016

Radiative and Thermodynamic Responses to Uncertainty in Aerosol Extinction Profiles ARM ASR
Feng, Y.
A New Model for Liquid Water Absorption ARM ASR
Turner, D. D., Cadeddu, M. P.

December 2015

The Role of Shallow Cloud Moistening in MJO and Non-MJO Convective Events over the ARM Manus Si ARM
Zermeno, D.
Evaluation of Subgrid-Scale Hydrometeor Transport Using a High-Resolution CRM ARM ASR
Ovchinnikov, M.

November 2015

An Improved Hindcast Approach for Evaluation and Diagnosis of Physical Processes in GCMs ARM ASR
Ma, H.
Scale‐Aware Parameterization of Liquid Cloud Inhomogeneity and Its Impact on Simulated Climate ARM ASR
Zhang, M.
Three-Dimensional Constrained Variational Analysis: Approach and Application ARM ASR
Zhang, M.
Differences Between Tropical and Trade Wind Shallow Cumuli ARM ASR
Ghate, V. P.
KDP Columns: Characterizing Deep Thunderstorm Updrafts Using Polarimetric Radar ARM ASR
van Lier-Walqui, M., Fridlind, A. M.
Evaluation of Double-Moment Microphysical Parameterization with Observations During MC3E ARM ASR
Pu, Z.

October 2015

Comparison of 17 Ice Nucleation Measurement Techniques for Immersion Freezing ASR
Kulkarni, G.
Arctic Haze: Effect of Anthropogenic and Biomass Burning Aerosols Transported from Europe to the Arctic ASR
Fast, J. D.
Good Is Not Enough: Improving Measurements of Atmospheric Particles ARM ASR
Kassianov, E.
Ice Particle Projected Area- and Mass-dimension Expressions for Cirrus Clouds ARM ASR
Mitchell, D. L.
A Partial Mechanistic Understanding of the North American Monsoon ASR
Erfani, E.
The Importance of Thermodynamic Profiling in the Boundary Layer ARM ASR
Turner, D. D., Cadeddu, M. P.
Mountain-induced Dynamics Influence Cloud Phase Distribution and Precipitation ARM
Shupe, M.
Parameterizing the Mixing State of Complex Submicron Aerosols Using Chemical Imaging ARM ASR
Moffet, R.
Roles of Wind Shear at Different Vertical Levels in Cloud System Organization and Properties ARM ASR
Fan, J.

September 2015

Fog and Rain in the Amazon ARM ASR
Gentine, P., Sobel, A.
The Role of Ice Nuclei Recycling in the Maintenance of Cloud Ice in Arctic Mixed-phase Stratocumulus ARM ASR
Solomon, A., Feingold, G.
Retrieving Cloud and Aerosol Properties from the ARM Raman Lidar ARM ASR
Thorsen, T., Fu, Q.
Characterizing Arctic Mixed-phase Cloud Structure ARM ASR
Dong, X.
MBL Drizzle Properties and Their Impact on Cloud Property Retrieval ARM ASR
Dong, X.
Retrieving Routine Rain Rates from a Ka-Band Profiling Radar Platform ARM ASR
Chandra, A. S.

August 2015

Observation of Fair-Weather Cumuli over Land Dynamical Factors Controlling Cloud Size and Cover ARM ASR
Lamer, K.
How Well Are Shallow Convective Clouds Simulated in the CAM5 Model? ARM ASR
Chandra, A. S.
Simulating the MJO: Everybody Into the (Cold) Pool! ARM ASR
Del Genio, A. D.
Observed Relations Between Snowfall Microphysics and Triple-Frequency Radar Observations ARM ASR
Kneifel, S.

July 2015

Liquid Water the Key to Arctic Cloud Radiative Closure ARM ASR
Shupe, M.
A Lidar View of Clouds in Southeastern China ARM ASR
Li, Z., Cribb, M. C.
ARM Data Used to Evaluate Reanalysis Results ARM ASR
Dong, X.
DCS Ice Cloud Microphysical Properties Derived from Aircraft Data During MC3E ARM ASR
Dong, X.
MBL Cloud and CCN Properties Under Coupled and Decoupled Conditions ARM ASR
Dong, X.

June 2015

Stereo Photogrammetry Reveals Substantial Drag on Cloud Thermals ASR
Romps, D.
Sticky Thermals: Evidence for a Dominant Balance Between Buoyancy and Drag in Cloud Updrafts ASR
Romps, D.
Regime Analysis to Identify the Contribution of Clouds to Surface Temperature Errors in GCMs ARM
Van Weverberg, K.

May 2015

Bimodal CCN Spectra ARM ASR
Hudson, J. G.
Assessing Impact of Shattered Artifacts on Measured Size Distributions ARM ASR
McFarquhar, G.
Characterizing Uncertainties in Ice Particle Size Distributions ARM ASR
McFarquhar, G.
The Shapes and Phases of Small Particles in Mixed-Phase Clouds ARM ASR
McFarquhar, G.
Single Particle Database of Natural Ice Crystals: Dimensions and Aspect Ratios ARM ASR
Um, J., McFarquhar, G.
Making Sense of Convective Updrafts: Mass Flux and Microphysics ARM ASR
Fridlind, A. M.

April 2015

Developing and Evaluating Ice Cloud Parameterizations by Combining Radar and in Situ Observations ARM ASR
Maahn, M., Loehnert, U.
Light Absorption of Primary Organic Aerosol Paper Named ACS Editors' Choice ASR
Lu, Z., Streets, D. .
The Two Faces of Aerosols ARM ASR
Ovink, J.
Intersecting Cold Pools: Convective Cloud Organization by Cold Pools over Tropical Ocean ARM ASR
Feng, Z.

March 2015

Comparison of Vertical Velocities in Cirrus Derived from Aircraft and Ground-based Radar ARM ASR
Muhlbauer, A., Kalesse, H.
Satellite Inference of Thermals and Cloud Base Updraft Speeds ARM ASR
Zheng, Y. Y.
Are Increases in Thunderstorm Activity in Southeast China Related to Air Pollution? ARM ASR
Li, Z., Cribb, M. C.
Strongly Absorbing Aerosols Affect Retrievals of Cloud Optical Depth ARM
Li, Z., Cribb, M. C.
Filling Gaps Within Instrument Records ARM ASR
Kennedy, A. D.
Quantifying the Importance of Cold Pool Mechanisms for Convection Triggering ASR
Kuang, Z.
Modeling Precipitating Cumulus Congestus Observed by the ARM Radar Suite During the MC3E Field Campaign ARM ASR
Mechem, D. B.
Evaluation of Trigger Functions for Convective Parameterization Schemes ARM ASR
Zhang, G.

February 2015

Even at High Humidity, Aerosols Stick Around: Slowly Evaporating Particles Refute Assumption ASR
Zelenyuk-Imre, A.
Tall Clouds from Tiny Raindrops Grow ARM ASR
Hagos, S. M.
Modeling Dust as Component Minerals in the Community Atmosphere Model ASR
Ghan, S. J.
A Novel Approach for Introducing 3D Cloud Spatial Structure Into 1D Radiative Transfer ASR
Huang, D.
Long-Term Measurements of Submicrometer Aerosol Chemistry at SGP Using an ACSM ARM ASR
Zhang, Q., Fast, J. D.
A New Approach for Representing Ice Particles in Weather and Climate Model ASR
Morrison, H. C.

January 2015

Multiday Production of SOA in Urban and Forest Outflow ASR
Lee-Taylor, J., Madronich, S.
Finding the Causes for Consistently Low Biased Stratiform Rainfall in Models ARM ASR
Varble, A., Zipser, E.
Overly Intense Convective Updrafts Exposed as a Significant Contributor to Model Biases ARM ASR
Varble, A., Zipser, E.
Sensitivity of Arctic Mixed-Phase Stratocumulus to Surface-Layer and Cloud-Top Moisture Sources ARM ASR
Solomon, A., Shupe, M.

December 2014

A Comprehensive Parameterization of Heterogeneous Ice Nucleation of Dust Surrogate ARM ASR
Zhang, K.
Water Vapor Turbulence Statistics in the Convective Boundary Layer ARM ASR
Turner, D. D.
Validating Water Vapor Turbulence Measurements from Lidar ARM ASR
Turner, D. D.
Hail Generation and Melting in Deep Convective Clouds from the Perspective of Dual-polarization ARM ASR
Ryzhkov, A.

November 2014

On the Right Track for Tropical Clouds ARM ASR
Hagos, S. M.
Double Bonus: Win-win for Atmospheric Particles ARM ASR
Kassianov, E.
Observing Warm Clouds in 3D Using ARM Scanning Cloud Radars and a Novel Ensemble Method ARM ASR
Fielding, M. D.

October 2014

Validation of Climate Model Ice Cloud Properties ARM ASR
Eidhammer, T.
Fast and Rigorous: Finding Surface Reflectivity by Looking Up at Clouds ARM
Kassianov, E.
Dust Takes Detour on Ice-cloud Journey ARM ASR
Kulkarni, G.
Interactions Between Cumulus Convection and Its Environment as Revealed by MC3E ARM ASR
Xie, S.
First Observations of Tracking Clouds Using Scanning ARM Cloud Radars ARM ASR
Borque, P.

September 2014

Validation of CERES-MODIS Cloud Retrievals Using the Azores Data ARM ASR
Dong, X.
Diurnal Variation of MBL Cloud Properties over the Azores ARM ASR
Dong, X.
Effects of Sea Spray on the Thermodynamics of the Hurricane Boundary Layer ARM ASR
Khain, A.
A New Theory of Time-Dependent Freezing and Its Application to Investigation of Formation of Hail ARM ASR
Khain, A., Phillips, V.
Turn Trash Into Treasure: Continental Warm Cloud Properties Derived from Unexploited Solar Background Signals ARM ASR
Chiu, J.
Growing More Effective Ways to Measure Climate Change ARM ASR
Maseyk, K. S.
Deciphering Raindrop Collisions with Dual-polarization Radar ARM ASR
Kumjian, M.

August 2014

Clouds, Aerosol, and Precipitation in the Marine Boundary Layer: an ARM Mobile Facility Deployment ARM ASR
Wood, R.
Predicting Atmospheric Particle Population's Weight Gain ASR
Zaveri, R.
Checking Up on Tropical Sunlight ARM ASR
Riihimaki, L., Long, C. N.
Parameterization of Vertical Velocity in Shallow Convections ARM ASR
Zhang, M.
Phase State and Physical Properties of Ambient and Lab-Generated Aerosols: X-ray Microscopy ASR
OBrien, R. E., Gilles, M.
Location Matters: Origin of Ice Formation Influences Mixed-phase Stratiform Clouds ARM ASR
Shaw, R. A.
Research Masters the Misunderstood Mixed-Phase Cloud ARM ASR
Ovchinnikov, M.
Scientists Uncover Combustion Mechanism to Better Predict Warming by Wildfires ARM ASR
Dubey, M. K., Donahue, N.

July 2014

The Anatomy and Physics of ZDR Columns ASR
Kumjian, M.
Aerosol-Mediated Changes in Deep Convective Cloud Radiative Forcing over the SGP ARM ASR
Cribb, M. C.
Gas-Phase Dry Deposition as a Major Removal Mechanism for Secondary Organic Aerosols (SOA) ASR
Hodzic, A.
Ice Concentration Retrieval in Stratiform Mixed-Phase Clouds Using Cloud Radar Measurements ARM ASR
Zhang, D., Wang, Z.

June 2014

Precipitation Estimation from the ARM Distributed Radar Network ARM ASR
Giangrande, S.
Comparison of Mixed-layer Heights from Airborne HSRL and WRF-Chem During CARES ARM ASR
Scarino, A. J.

May 2014

Accuracy of GFS and ECMWF Hurricane Sandy Track Forecasts Dependent on Cumulus Parameterization ASR
Bassill, N. P., Zipser, E.
The Emergence of Open Source Software for the Weather Radar Community ARM ASR
Collis, S. M.
MBL Aerosol Properties and Their Impact on CCN at the Azores-AMF Site ARM ASR
Dong, X.
Which Absorption Model Should Be Used for Supercooled Liquid Water in the Microwave? ARM
Kneifel, S.
Parameterization of Ice Fall Speeds in Midlatitude Cirrus: Results from SPartICus ARM ASR
Mishra, S., Mitchell, D. L.

April 2014

Merging Cloud and Precipitation Radar Data Provides a Better View of Tropical Rain Clouds ARM ASR
Comstock, J. M.
Assessing Aerosol Impacts on Drizzle Intensity and Frequency from AMF Data ARM ASR
Chiu, J.
Madden–Julian Oscillation Heating: to Tilt or Not to Tilt ASR
Schumacher, C.
Turbulent Entrainment-mixing Processes in Cumuli ARM ASR
Liu, Y.
Observational Analysis of Land-Atmosphere Coupling for Climate Model Evaluation ARM ASR
Phillips, T. J., Klein, S.

March 2014

Multi-Scale Variations of Decade-Long Cloud Fractions from Six Different Platforms over the SGP ARM ASR
Wu, W.
Retrieving Thermodynamic Profiles in the Boundary Layer in Clear and Cloudy Conditions ARM ASR
Turner, D. D.
Understanding the Differences Between Absolution Calibration Techniques in the Microwave ARM ASR
Turner, D. D.
Arctic Winter Frost Flowers Have Negligible Influence on Cloud Longwave Warming ARM ASR
Xu, L., Russell, L. M.
A Revealing Look Inside Northern Australian Wet Season Precipitation ARM ASR
Giangrande, S.
MBL Cloud Properties Derived from the Azores-AMF Observations ARM ASR
Dong, X.
The Organic Molecules Explaining New Particle Growth in the Boreal Forest ASR
Thornton, J.

February 2014

Arctic Multilayered Mixed-Phase Cloud Processes ARM ASR
Verlinde, J.
Measured Parameterization of Fire Aerosol Single Scattering Albedo Using Combustion Efficiency ASR
Dubey, M. K.

January 2014

The Overambitious Other Carbon ASR
Church, J.
Marine Stratocumulus Clouds: Turbulence-Raidation-Thermodynamics Coupling ASR
Ghate, V. P.
Does Glyoxal Contribute Significantly to Regional SOA Formation? ASR
Knote, C., Hodzic, A.
Automated Rain Rate Estimates Using the Ka-band ARM Zenith Radar (KAZR) ARM ASR
Chandra, A. S.
Effect of Dry Deposition of Condensable Organic Vapors on SOA Formation in the Urban Plume ARM ASR
Hodzic, A.
Reality Check: Estimates for Human-Caused Methane Emissions in the U.S. Appear Off by 50% ARM
Biraud, S. C.
Improving Estimates of Cloud Condensation Nuclei Concentration ARM ASR
Li, Z.
Evaluation of Gridded SACR Reflectivity Observations and Vertical Doppler Velocity Retrievals ARM ASR
Lamer, K., Kollias, P.
Most Systematic Errors in Climate Models Appear in Only a Few Days of Model Integration ASR
Ma, H.
Forecast Calls for Better Models: Examining the Core Components of Arctic Clouds to Clear Their Influence on Climate ARM ASR
Laskin, A.

December 2013

Effect of Environmental Instability on the Sensitivity of Convection to the Rimed Ice Species ASR
Van Weverberg, K.
All Mixed Up—Probing Large- and Small-Scale Turbulence Structures in Continental Stratocumulus Clouds ARM ASR
Fang, M., Albrecht, B. A.
Ground Stations Likely Get a Boost from Satellites to Estimate Carbon Dioxide Emissions ARM
Roeder, L. R.

November 2013

Spectro-Microscopic Measurements of Carbonaceous Aerosol Aging in Central California ARM ASR
Gilles, M., Moffet, R.
Digging Into Climate Models' Needs with SPADE ARM ASR
Gustafson, W. I.
Nailing Down Ice in a Cloud Model ARM ASR
Comstock, J. M.
Invisible Giants in the Sky ARM ASR
Kassianov, E.
Cotton-Ball Clouds Contained ARM ASR
Berg, L.
Is Cumulus Drag a Rayleigh Drag? ASR
Romps, D.

October 2013

When It Rains, It Doesn’t Always Pour ARM
Penide, G.
Arctic Mixed-Phase Clouds Persist with Little Help from the Local Surface ASR
Shupe, M.
CCN and Vertical Velocity Influences ARM ASR
Hudson, J. G.
Drizzle in the Making ARM ASR
Luke, E.
A Tall Order: Climate Models Fall Short in Predicting African Sahel Rainfall ARM
Roehrig, R.
Evaluation of WRF Microphysics Schemes in Squall Line Simulations ARM ASR
Dong, X.
Determining the Future of CO2 Using an Earth System Model ARM
Keppel-Aleks, G.

September 2013

Addressing the “Light Precipitation Problem” in the ECMWF Global Model ARM ASR
Ahlgrimm, M.
First Comes the Thunder: Precursors to Local Rainfall in the West African Monsoon ARM ASR
Roeder, L. R.
First-of-Its-Kind Intercomparison Study Highlights Needed Improvements in Atmospheric Models ARM ASR
Fridlind, A. M.
The Brass Ring of Climate Modeling ASR
Ghan, S. J.
Power in the Vertical: Using Wind Profiler Data to Study Precipitation ARM ASR
Kollias, P.
Pointing Scanning Cloud Radar in the Right Direction ARM ASR
Fielding, M. D.

August 2013

A Mixed Bag of Aerosols over Northeastern China ARM
Li, Z.
A New Algorithm for Automated Detection of Planetary Boundary Layer Depth ARM
Li, Z., Sawyer, V. R.
A Minimalist Approach to Modeling Complex Arctic Clouds ARM ASR
Shaw, R. A.
Optimal Method to Determine Orientation Average of Scattering Properties of Ice Crystals ARM ASR
Um, J., McFarquhar, G.
Twenty Years Serving Climate Science ARM
Mather, J. H.
Cloud Cover Homogenizes Arctic Vegetation ARM
Street, L.

July 2013

Irrigation's Impact on Clouds and Climate ARM ASR
Qian, Y.
Chemical Diffusivity and Viscosity of Secondary Organic Aerosols ASR
Zelenyuk-Imre, A.
The Impact of Instrument Selection and Sampling on Cloud Fraction at the ARM Southern Great Plains Site ARM ASR
Kennedy, A. D.
Wildfires Lead to More Warming Than Climate Models Predict, a New Mexico Fire Study Reports ASR
Bhattacharya, A.
Linking Ice Nucleation to Aerosols and Its Impact on CAM5 Simulated Arctic Clouds and Radiation ARM ASR
Xie, S.
New Insights Into Deep Convective Core Vertical Velocities Using ARM UHF Wind Profilers ARM ASR
Giangrande, S.
An Application of Linear Programming Techniques to ARM Polarimetric Radar Processing ARM ASR
Giangrande, S.

June 2013

Micropulse Lidar-Derived Aerosol Optical Depth Climatology at ARM Sites Worldwide ARM
Kafle, D. N., Coulter, R. L.
Modified Climate Model Better Replicates Global Rainfall ARM ASR
Bhattacharya, A.
New Method Simulates 3D Ice Crystal Growth Within Clouds ASR
Bhattacharya, A.
Unique Properties of the Arctic Stratiform Cloud-Top Region ARM ASR
Shupe, M.
Cloud Survey over West Africa Reveals Climate Impact of Mid-Level Clouds ARM
Bhattacharya, A.
A Finer Mesh to Improve Cloud Representation in Climate Models? ARM
Bhattacharya, A.
Different Strokes for Different Folks—Not Any More, Say Scientists at the UK Met Office ARM ASR
Morcrette, C. J., Bhattacharya, A.

May 2013

Importance of Environmental Instability to the Sensitivity of the Rimed Ice Species in Convection ASR
Van Weverberg, K., Vogelmann, A. M.
What Controls the Vertical Extent of Continental Shallow Cumulus? ARM ASR
Zhang, Y.
Evaluation of Cloud Properties and Precipitation for Stratiform and Convective Simulations ASR
Van Weverberg, K., Vogelmann, A. M.
Microphysics Complexity in Squall Line Simulations ASR
Van Weverberg, K., Vogelmann, A. M.
The Role of Microphysics Parameterization in Simulating Tropical Mesoscale Convective Systems ARM ASR
Van Weverberg, K., Vogelmann, A. M.
Field Campaign Resource Allocation Using Statistical Decision Analysis ARM ASR
Hanlon, C.
Rain and Cloud Resistance ARM ASR
Flaherty, J.
Fair-Weather Clouds Hold Dirty Secret ARM ASR
Shrivastava, M.
When Pollution Gets a Whiff of Trees ARM ASR
Shilling, J.
A Decade and Counting ARM ASR
Long, C. N.
Modeling Aerosols in Fair-Weather Clouds During CHAPS ARM ASR
Shrivastava, M.

April 2013

Desert Dust Determines Aerial Spread of Thunderstorm Clouds ARM ASR
Bhattacharya, A.
Study Proposes New Scheme to Characterize Land-Atmosphere Interactions and Improve Climate Models ARM
Bhattacharya, A.
Burning on the Prairies ARM
Bhattacharya, A.

March 2013

Statistics of Vertical Velocities from Monsoonal Convection with Verification ARM
Collis, S. M.
China’s Aerosol Malady ARM
Bhattacharya, A.
Higher Clouds Retain Less Energy ARM
Bhattacharya, A.
Mingling in the Sky—A View from the Earth ARM
Bhattacharya, A.
Chinese Researchers Report Reliable Method for Monitoring Soil Moisture ARM
Bhattacharya, A.

February 2013

The Short and the Long of Storms: Tracing a Deep Convective System’s Life in the Midlatitude ASR
Feng, Z.
High and Dry - Probing Greenland's Atmosphere and Clouds ARM
Shupe, M., Turner, D. D.
Development and Validation of a Black Carbon Mixing State Resolved Three-Dimensional Model ARM ASR
Fast, J. D.
The Mixing State of Carbonaceous Aerosol Particles in Northern and Southern California Measured During CARES and CalNex ARM ASR
Zaveri, R.
Understanding Aerosol Effects on Liquid Processes in Mixed-Phase Clouds ARM ASR
de Boer, G.
Evaluation of Cloud Properties in Major Reanalyses ARM ASR
Liu, Y., Wu, W.
Exploring Parameterization for Turbulent Entrainment-Mixing Processes in Clouds ARM ASR
Liu, Y., Lu, C.
Strong Impacts of Vertical Velocity on Cloud Microphysics and Implications for Aerosol Indirect ARM ASR
Liu, Y., Lu, C.
Entrainment Rate in Shallow Cumuli: Probabilistic Distribution and Dependence on Dry Air Sources ARM ASR
Liu, Y., Lu, C.
Shaking Things Up—What Triggers Atmospheric Convection in the West African Sahel? ARM
Bhattacharya, A.
Tropical Clouds: from Jekyll to Hyde ARM ASR
Hagos, S. M.

January 2013

2007 Floods Not a Complete Washout in U.S. Great Plains ARM ASR
Bhattacharya, A.
Evaluation of a Modified Scheme for Shallow Convection with CuP ARM ASR
Berg, L.
Spectral Invariant Properties of Single-Scattering Albedo for Water Droplets and Ice Crystals ASR
Marshak, A.
More Like Shades of Gray: the Effects of Black Carbon in Aerosols ARM ASR
McComiskey, A. C.
Modeling from a Tropical State of Mind ARM ASR
Del Genio, A. D.
Looking at the Full Spectrum for Water Vapor ARM ASR
Turner, D. D.
Scale Shows True Weight of Aerosol Effects on Clouds ARM ASR
McComiskey, A. C.
The Complexity of Arctic Clouds ARM ASR
Shupe, M.
Probing the Birth of New Particles ARM ASR
Wang, J.
Measurement of Convective Entrainment Using Lagrangian Particles ARM ASR
Romps, D.

December 2012

Lord of the Wings: Elevated Particles a Rising Star ARM
Kassianov, E.
The Influence of Regional Anthropogenic Emission Reductions on Aerosol Direct Radiative Forcing ASR
Bergmann, D.
Metrics and Diagnostics for Climate Model Short-Range Hindcasts ASR
Ma, H.
Mid-Level Cloud Formation at the ARM Darwin Site ARM ASR
Riihimaki, L.

November 2012

Pollution Hitches Ride to Arctic ASR
Zelenyuk-Imre, A.
Measured Radiative Cooling from Reflective Roofs in India ARM
Fischer, M. L.
Quantifying the Impact of Dust on Ice Generation in Supercooled Stratiform Clouds ARM ASR
Wang, Z., Zhang, D.
Satellite Constraints on Cloud-Top Phase, Ice Size, and Asymmetry Parameter over Deep Convection ARM
van Diedenhoven, B., Fridlind, A. M.
Carbonaceous Aerosol Aging Mechanisms Improve Agreement of Global Simulations with Data ARM ASR
Dubey, M. K.
"Invisible" Giants in the Sky ARM ASR
Kassianov, E.

October 2012

Partly Cloudy with a Chance of Aerosol ASR
Chand, D.
The Critical Role of Cloud Drop Effective Radius >14 Micron Radius in Rain Initiation ASR
Rosenfeld, D., Wang, H.
Cloud-Resolving Model (CRM) Simulations: Robust Results for Use in Climate Model Development ARM ASR
Fridlind, A. M., Mrowiec, A. A.
To Rain or Not to Rain...Aerosols May Be the Answer ASR
Li, Z.

September 2012

ARM SGP Observations Help Validate Soil Temperature Simulations ARM ASR
Huang, M.
ARM Observations Guide Low-Cloud Parameterization Development in the ECMWF Model ARM ASR
Ahlgrimm, M., Forbes, R. M.
Impact of Anthropogenic Emissions on Organic Aerosols During CARES ARM ASR
Zhang, Q.
Memo from Real World to Cumulus Parameterizations: Get Organized! ARM ASR
Del Genio, A. D.

August 2012

Diurnal Cycle of Monsoon Clouds, Precipitation, and Surface Radiation ARM ASR
Long, C. N., May, P. T.
How to Catch Aerosols in the Act ASR
Wang, M.
Atmospheric Sea Salt and Anthropogenic Organic Pollutants Mix to Lose ARM ASR
Laskin, A., Fast, J. D.
Many Forecast Errors Are Climate Errors ASR
Xie, S.

July 2012

The Influence of Observed Cirrus Microphysical Properties on Shortwave Radiation: a Case Study ARM ASR
McFarquhar, G., Nousiainen, T. P.
How Aerosols Affect Cloud Properties in Arctic Mixed-Phase Stratocumulus ARM ASR
McFarquhar, G.
Small Irregular Ice Crystals in Tropical Cirrus ARM ASR
McFarquhar, G., Nousiainen, T. P.

June 2012

ARM Measurements Help to Evaluate Radiation Codes Used in Global Modeling ARM ASR
Oreopoulos, L., Mlawer, E. J.

May 2012

Pollution + Storm Clouds = Warmer Atmosphere ARM ASR
Fan, J.
Radiative-Dynamical Feedbacks in Thin Stratiform Clouds ARM ASR
Petters, J. L.
Comparing Global Atmospheric Model Simulations of Tropical Convection ARM ASR
Lin, Y.
First Ground-Based Spectral Observations of the Entire Infrared Band ARM ASR
Turner, D. D., Mlawer, E. J.
Improving Water Vapor Continuum Absorption and Its Impact on a GCM Simulation ARM ASR
Turner, D. D., Mlawer, E. J.
Development and Recent Evaluation of the MT_CKD Model of Continuum Absorption ARM ASR
Mlawer, E. J.
CAM5 Shows Reasonable Aerosol First Indirect Effects on Non-Precipitating Low Liquid Clouds ARM ASR
Zhao, C., Klein, S.

April 2012

Regional Controls on Ozone Precursors Will Have Different Impacts on Future Climate ASR
Bergmann, D., Chuang, C.
Mexico City Carbon-Containing Particle Composition Simulated ARM ASR
Zaveri, R.
Aerosols Help Heat Up the Yangtze River Delta in China ARM ASR
Flynn, C. J.
Challenging Work: Observing in the Arctic ARM ASR
Long, C. N.

March 2012

Tropical Rain Clouds Still a Challenge to Cloud-Resolving Models ARM ASR
Fridlind, A. M., Ackerman, A.
Buffering of Ice Crystal Number Concentration to Ice Nucleus Abundance Above Arctic Stratus ARM
Fridlind, A. M., Ackerman, A.
Dielectric Models of Supercooled Cloud Water Evaluated Using ARM Data ARM
Cadeddu, M. P.
Black Carbon Reduction of Snow Albedo ASR
Kirchstetter, T. W.
Heating Up the Arctic: Most Complete Data Set Ever Collected Helps Scientists Understand Aerosol ARM ASR
Ghan, S. J.
Clouds Get in the Way: How Climate Models Calculate the Effects of Clouds on Earth's Warming ARM ASR
Qian, Y.

February 2012

Weather and Atmospheric Overview During Study of Natural and Urban Emissions (CARES) ARM ASR
Fast, J. D.
Performance of Longwave Radiative Transfer Models for 3D Cloud Fields ARM
Kablick III, G. P., Ellingson, R. G.
Modelling Future Changes in Surface Ozone: a Parameterized Approach ASR
Bergmann, D., Chuang, C.
Spectrally Invariant Approximation Within Atmospheric Radiative Transfer ARM ASR
Marshak, A.
Seasonal and Interannual Variability in 13C of Ecosystem Carbon Fluxes from 2002-2009 ARM ASR
Torn, M. S.
Millimeter Wave Scattering from Ice Crystals and Their Aggregates ARM ASR
Botta, G., Verlinde, J.
Simulating the Impact of Aerosols on Tropical Deep Convection ARM
Morrison, H. C.

January 2012

TOA Radiation Budget of Convective Core/Stratiform Rain/Anvil Clouds from Deep Convection ARM ASR
Feng, Z., Dong, X.
What Exactly Do Metrics for Aerosol-Cloud Interactions Represent? ARM ASR
McComiskey, A. C.
Predicting Arctic Sea Ice Loss ARM ASR
Liu, X.
Trends in Downwelling Longwave Radiation over SGP ARM ASR
Gero, J., Turner, D. D.
Case Closed on Nauru Island Effect ARM ASR
Long, C. N.

December 2011

The Long-Term Impacts of Aerosols on the Vertical Development of Clouds and Precipitation ARM ASR
Li, Z.
Unraveling the Complexity of Arctic Mixed-Phase Clouds ARM ASR
Morrison, H. C.
Mixed-Phase Cloud Radiative Properties from M-PACE Microphysical Retrievals ARM ASR
de Boer, G.
A Dance of Aerosols ASR
Song, C.

November 2011

Influence of Humidified Aerosols on Lidar Depolarization Below Ice-Precipitating Arctic Clouds ARM ASR
Fridlind, A. M., van Diedenhoven, B.

October 2011

Ground-Based Cloud Measurements Used to Evaluate the Simulation of Arctic Clouds in CCSM4 ARM
de Boer, G.
Understanding Ice Formation in Arctic Mixed-Phase Boundary-Layer Clouds During ISDAC ARM
Ackerman, A., Fridlind, A. M.
Snow Particle Observations in Arctic Clouds ARM
Morrison, H. C.
The Birth of a Cloud Droplet ARM ASR
Ghan, S. J.
Intercomparison of Model Simulations of Arctic Mixed-Phase Clouds ARM
Morrison, H. C.
Modeling the Sensitivity of Convection to Tropospheric Humidity ARM ASR
Del Genio, A. D.
Cloud-Top Humidity Inversions and the Maintenance of Arctic Mixed-Phase Stratocumulus ARM
Solomon, A., Shupe, M.

September 2011

Ice Heating Up Cold Clouds ARM ASR
Ovchinnikov, M.
Factors Influencing the Microphysics and Radiative Properties of Liquid-Dominated Arctic Clouds ARM ASR
Earle, M., Liu, P.
Parameterizing the Ice Fall Speed in Climate Models: Results from TC4 and ISDAC ARM ASR
Mitchell, D. L., Mishra, S.
Possible Impact of Homogeneous Freezing Nucleation on in Situ Measurements ARM ASR
Mitchell, D. L., Mishra, S.
Laboratory-Measured Optical Properties of Primary Organic Aerosol for Humidities Up to 95% ARM ASR
Bond, T., Rood, M. J.
Atmospheric Moistening by Clouds Sustains Madden-Julian Oscillation ARM ASR
Hagos, S. M.
Putting the Pieces Together ARM ASR
Fan, J.
New Surface Albedo Data Set Enables Improved Radiative Transfer Calculations ARM
McFarlane, S. A.

August 2011

Critical Evaluation of the ICARUS Portion of the ISCCP Simulator Using ARM Data ARM
Mace, G.
Cirrus Cloud Bimodal Size Distributions from ARM Remote Sensing Data ARM
Mace, G.

July 2011

Estimating the Ice Crystal Enhancement Factor in the Tropics ARM ASR
Zeng, X., GSFC, N.

June 2011

Evaluation of CRM Intercomparison Simulations Using TWP-ICE Observations, Part 1 ARM
Varble, A.
Comparison of Microphysics Schemes in Idealized Supercell Thunderstorm Simulations ARM ASR
Morrison, H. C.

May 2011

Modeled Compared to Measured O:C and H:C Elemental Ratios of Secondary Organic Material ARM ASR
Martin, S.
Production Flux of Sea-Spray Aerosol ARM
Schwartz, S. E.

April 2011

A Downwelling Infrared Radiance Climatology for the ARM Southern Great Plains Site ARM
Turner, D. D., Gero, J.
Indirect Impact of Atmospheric Aerosols on an Ensemble of Deep Convective Clouds ARM
Grabowski, W., Morrison, H. C.
Preferred States of the Winter Arctic Atmosphere, Surface, and Sub-Surface ARM ASR
Del Genio, A. D.
Dependence of the Single-Scattering Properties of Small Ice Crystals on Idealized Shape Models ARM ASR
Um, J., McFarquhar, G.
Cumuli Impact on Solar Radiation at Surface: Spectral Changes ARM ASR
Kassianov, E.
Observations of the First Aerosol Indirect Effect in Shallow Cumuli ARM
Berg, L.
Effective Diameter in Ice Clouds and Its Application to Terrestrial Radiation ARM ASR
Mitchell, D. L.
Characterizing Clouds at Arctic Atmospheric Observatories ARM ASR
Shupe, M.
Progress Towards Climate Projections of Central U.S. Rainfall Using a Global Model with Embedded Explicit Convection ARM ASR
Pritchard, M. S.
First Measurements of Neutral Atmospheric Cluster and 1-2 Nm Particle Number Distributions During Nucleation Events ARM ASR
McMurry, P. .

March 2011

New Insight on the Atmosphere’s Tiniest Particles ARM ASR
Smith, J., McMurry, P. .

February 2011

Improving the Treatment of Radiation in Climate Models ARM
Delamere, J. S.
New Characterization of Organic Aerosol Evolution Will Help Improve Models ARM ASR
Jimenez, J.
Climatology of Aerosol Optical Depth in North‐Central Oklahoma: 1992–2008 ARM ASR
Michalsky, J. J.

January 2011

Ground-Based Measurements in Support of Liquid-Dependent Ice Nucleation in Arctic Clouds ARM ASR
de Boer, G.

December 2010

Surface Summertime Radiative Forcing by Shallow Cumuli at the ARM SGP ARM
Berg, L.
Multiyear Statistics of 2D Shortwave Radiative Effects at Three ARM Sites ARM
Varnai, T.

November 2010

Comparison of Arctic Clouds Between ECMWF Simulations and ARM Observations at the NSA ARM ASR
Zhao, M., Wang, Z.
Long-Term Observations of Convective Boundary Layer Using Insect Returns at SGP ARM
Chandra, A. S.
A New Bulk Microphysical Scheme That Includes Riming Intensity and Temperature Dependent Ice Ch ARM
Lin, Y.
Parameterization of Riming Intensity and Its Impact on Ice Fall Speed Using ARM Data ARM
Lin, Y.

October 2010

First Observation-Based Estimates of Cloud-Free Aerosol Radiative Forcing Across China ARM ASR
Li, Z.

September 2010

Estimating Glaciation Temperature of Deep Convective Clouds with Remote Sensing Data ARM ASR
Li, Z.
General Macrophysical and Microphysical Properties of Deep Convective Clouds as Observed by MODIS ARM ASR
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Adoption of RRTMG in the NCAR CAM5 and CESM1 Global Climate Models ARM
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Impact of Horizontal Resolution on Climate Model Simulations of Tropical Moist Processes ARM
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Mechanisms Affecting the Transition from Shallow to Deep Convection over Land ARM
Zhang, Y.

August 2010

Field Experiments to Improve the Treatment of Radiation in the Mid-to-Upper Troposphere ARM
Turner, D. D., Mlawer, E. J.

July 2010

Ice Nucleation Link to Aerosols for Global Models ARM
DeMott, P. J., Liu, X.

June 2010

CCN Activity and Mixing Rules of Isoprene Secondary Organic Aerosol (SOA) and Sulfate ARM
Martin, S. T.

May 2010

Increased Accuracy for Sky Imager Retrievals ARM
Long, C. N.

April 2010

New Method for Retrieving Cloud Heights from Satellite Data ARM
Chang, F., Minnis, P.

March 2010

ARM RACORO Data Produces New Radiometer Tilt Correction Method ARM
Long, C. N., Bucholtz, A., Jonsson, H. H., Schmid, B., Vogelmann, A. M., Wood, J.
A New Method for Satellite/Surface Comparisons ARM
Long, C. N.

February 2010

Anvil Clouds of Tropical Mesoscale Convective Systems in Monsoon Regions ARM
Cetrone, J., Houze, R.
Global Variability of Mesoscale Convective System Anvil Structure from A-train Satellite Data ARM
Yuan, J., Houze, R.
Investigating Water Vapor Variability by Ground-Based Microwave Radiometry ARM
Kneifel, S., Crewell, S., Loehnert, U., Schween, J. H.

January 2010

Detangling Convective Oscillations at ARM Tropical Western Pacific Site: Manus ARM
Wang, Y., Long, C. N., Mather, J. H., Liu, X.
Comparison of Ground-Based Millimeter-Wave Observations During RHUBC I ARM
Cimini, D., Westwater, E. R., Payne, V. H., Turner, D. D., Mlawer, E. J., Exner, M., Cadeddu, M. P.

December 2009

New Algorithm to Retrieve Water Vapor and Liquid Water Path from ARM Climate Research Facility Radiometers ARM
Cadeddu, M. P., Turner, D. D., Liljegren, J. C.
Black Carbon Aerosols and the Third Polar Ice Cap ARM
Menon, S.

November 2009

Improving Water Vapor Absorption in Microwave Radiative Transfer Models ARM
Turner, D. D., Loehnert, U., Cadeddu, M. P., Crewell, S., Vogelmann, A. M.
Quantifying the Number of Independent Pieces of Information in Profiles ARM
Crewell, S., Loehnert, U., Turner, D. D., Ebell, K.

October 2009

Estimating Cirrus Size Distributions with Help from Satellites ARM
Mitchell, D. L., d'Entremont, R. P., Lawson, P.
The Influence of Parameterized Ice Habit on Simulated Mixed-Phase Arctic Clouds ARM
Harrington, J. Y., Avramov, A.
Large-Scale Structures and Diabatic Heating and Drying Profiles Revealed by TWP-ICE ARM
Xie, S.
CMBE – a New ACRF Data Product for Climate Studies ARM
Xie, S.

September 2009

Evaluating Cloud Microphysics in High-Resolution WRF Simulations for Next-Generation Climate Models ARM
Wang, Y., Long, C. N., Leung, L., Dudhia, J., McFarlane, S. A., Mather, J. H., Ghan, S. J., Liu, X.
Profiling Capability of High-Resolution Oxygen A-band Spectroscopy for Stratus Cloud Cover ARM
Davis, A. B.

August 2009

Spectral Invariant Behavior of Zenith Radiance Around Cloud Edges Observed by ARM SWS ARM
Marshak, A., Knyazikhin, Y., Chiu, J., Wiscombe, W. J.
Clouds Brighten Up the Sky Near Them ARM
Varnai, T., Marshak, A.
Remote Sensing of Mineral Dust Using AERI ARM
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Detection and Retrieval of Cirrus Clouds in the Tropics from AIRS: Validation from ARM Data ARM
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Remote Sensing of Cirrus Cloud Vertical Size Profile Using MODIS Data ARM
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Satellite Retrievals of Mixed-Phase Cloud Properties ARM
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Improving Cloud Parameterizations in Climate Models: Implications from CAM3 and WRF Simulations ARM
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Seasonal Variation of the Physical Properties of Marine Boundary Clouds ARM
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Improving the Numerical Simulation of Squall Lines ARM
Morrison, H. C., Thompson, G., Tatarskii, V.

July 2009

Thin Is In ARM
Tomlinson, J., Long, C. N., Comstock, J. M., Ronfeld, D.
SPLAT Makes Its Mark in Flying Research Laboratory ARM
Cziczo, D. J., Ghan, S. J., Flynn, C. J., Hubbe, J., Laskin, A., Roeder, L. R., Ronfeld, D., Schmid, B., Tomlinson, J., Zelenyuk-Imre, A.
Thawing the Mystery of Extra Ice Crystals ARM
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June 2009

Ice Nuclei and Global Warming ARM
Zeng, X., GSFC, N., Zhang, M., Hou, A., Xie, S., Lang, S. E., Li, X., Starr, D. O.

May 2009

The Evolution and Distribution of Water Vapor and Microphysical Properties in Cirrus Clouds ARM
Comstock, J. M.

April 2009

Estimating Cloud and Rainfall Parameters in a Vertical Column Above the ACRF SGP Site ARM
Matrosov, S.
Single-Scattering Properties of Aggregates of Plates ARM
Um, J., McFarquhar, G.

March 2009

Using the ACRF Shortwave Spectrometer to Study the Transition Between Clear and Cloudy Regions ARM
Marshak, A., Chiu, J., Knyazikhin, Y., Pilewskie, P., Wiscombe, W. J.
Global Dimming and Brightening: an Update Beyond 2000 ARM
Long, C. N., Wild, M., Truessel, B., Ohmura, A., Koenig-Langlo, G., Dutton, E. G., Tsvetkov, A. V.

February 2009

Variations of Meridional Aerosol Distribution and Solar Dimming ARM
Long, C. N., Kishcha, P., Starobinets, B., Kalashnikova, O., Alpert, P.
Analyzing the Contribution of Aerosols to an Observed Increase in Direct Normal Irradiance ARM
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Significant Decadal Brightening over the Continental United States ARM
Long, C. N., Dutton, E. G., Augustine, J., Wiscombe, W. J., Wild, M., McFarlane, S. A., Flynn, C. J.
Estimating Fractional Sky Cover from Spectral Measurements ARM
Long, C. N., Min, Q., Wang, T., Duan, M.
Vertical Air Motion Measurements in Large–Scale Precipitation ARM
Giangrande, S., Luke, E., Kollias, P.

January 2009

Structure of Cirrus Properties and Its Coupling with the State of the Large-Scale Atmosphere ARM
Ivanova, K., Ackerman, T. P.
Retrieving Dust Optical Depth and Mineral Composition from Infrared Spectra ARM
Turner, D. D.

November 2008

Microwave and Millimeter-Wave Radiometric and Radiosonde Observations in an Arctic Environment ARM
Westwater, E. R.

October 2008

Using Copulas to Model Complex Clouds ARM
Oreopoulos, L., Norris, P. M., Hou, A., GSFC, N., Zeng, X.

September 2008

Continuous Clear-Sky Longwave from Surface Measurements ARM
Long, C. N., Turner, D. D.
Radiative Forcing by Long-Lived Greenhouse Gases: Calculations with the AER Models ARM
Iacono, M. J., Delamere, J. S., Mlawer, E. J., Collins, W. D.
Vertical Variation of Cloud Droplet Size Using Ship and Space-Borne R/S Data ARM
Li, Z., Chen, R., Wood, R., Chang, F., Ferraro, R.

August 2008

Evaluate the Diurnal Cycle in the Multiscale Modeling Framework Using Satellite and ARM Data ARM
Zhang, Y., Klein, S.
A Simple Algorithm to Find Cloud Optical Depth Applied to Thin Ice Clouds ARM
Barnard, J., Long, C. N., Kassianov, E., McFarlane, S. A., Comstock, J. M., Freer, M., McFarquhar, G.
Assessment of CloudSat Using ARM, AMF, and CloudNet Observations ARM
Protat, A., May, P. T., O'Connor, E. J.
Measuring Climate Model Skill in Producing Present-Day Clouds ARM
Pincus, R., Batstone, C., Hofmann, R. P., Taylor, K. E., Gleckler, P. J.

July 2008

Shortwave Absorption in Tropical Clouds ARM
McFarlane, S. A., Mather, J. H., Ackerman, T. P., Liu, Z.
Simulating Mixed-Phase Clouds: Sensitivity to Ice Initiation ARM
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Forcing Boundary Layer Cloud Systems with Multi-Dimensional Radiation ARM
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Atmospheric Aerosol Measurements on Cloudy Days: a New Method ARM
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Direct Aerosol Forcing: Calculation from Observables and Sensitivities to Inputs ARM
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Aerosol Effects on Liquid-Water Path of Thin Stratocumulus Clouds ARM
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Arctic Aerosol Study Flies By ARM
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Characterizing Mixed-Phase Clouds from the Ground: a Status Report ARM
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Improved Daytime Precipitable Water Vapor from Vaisala Radiosonde Humidity Sensors ARM
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The Surprisingly Large Contribution of Small Marine Clouds to Cloud Fraction and Reflectance ARM
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June 2008

Single-Scattering Properties of Aggregates of Bullet Rosettes in Cirrus ARM
Um, J., McFarquhar, G.
Cloud Susceptibility Measures Potential Cloud Sensitivity to First Aerosol Indirect Effect ARM
Oreopoulos, L., Platnick, S.
Five-Year Statistics of Shallow Clouds at the ACRF SGP Site ARM
Berg, L., Kassianov, E.
A Simple Stochastic Model for Generating Broken Cloud Optical Depth and Cloud Top Height Fields ARM
Marshak, A.
How Much Condensed Water Does It Take to Make "Cloud?" ARM
Long, C. N., Dupont, J., Haeffelin, M. P.
Precipitation Forecast Improved with a New Convective Triggering Mechanism ARM
Xie, S., Zhang, M.
The Apparent Bluing of Aerosols Near Clouds ARM
Marshak, A.
Minimal Shortwave Anomalous Absorption Found over ACRF Sites ARM
Dong, X., Minnis, P.
Impact of Small Ice Crystals on Ice Sedimentation Rates in Cirrus Clouds and GCM Simulations ARM
Mitchell, D. L., Rasch, P., Ivanova, D., McFarquhar, G., Nousiainen, T. P.

May 2008

Impact of Dynamics and Atmospheric State on Cloud Vertical Overlap ARM
Naud, C. M., Del Genio, A. D., Mace, G., Benson, S., Clothiaux, E. E., Kollias, P.
ARM QCRad Goes Global ARM
Long, C. N.

April 2008

Quantifying the Optical Depth of Mixed-Phase Clouds Accurately with Passive Observations ARM
Turner, D. D.
Paper on Clouds with Small Amount of Liquid Water Amount Ranked as "Hot" ARM
Turner, D. D.
Mixed-Phase Cloud Vertical Velocities and Dynamical-Microphysical Interactions ARM
Shupe, M.

March 2008

ARM M-PACE Data Used to Evaluate and Improve Arctic Mixed-Phase Clouds Simulated in Climate Models ARM
Xie, S.
Cloud Regimes in the TWP and Their Evolution over the MJO ARM
Del Genio, A. D.
Improving Convection Parameterization Using ARM Observations and NCAR Community Atmosphere Model ARM
Zhang, G.
Cloud-Radiation Effects on Sea Ice Loss ARM
Stephens, G. L.
Threshold Radar Reflectivity Separating Precipitating from Non-Precipitating Clouds ARM
Liu, Y.

February 2008

Classifying Cloud Phase ARM
Shupe, M.

January 2008

Wide-Angle Imaging Lidar: Active Optical Sensor Technology for Ground-Based Probing of Dense Clouds ARM
Davis, A. B.
Evaluation of a New Mixed-Phase Cloud Microphysics Parameterization with SCAM, CAPT Forecasts and M-PACE Observations ARM
Liu, X.

December 2007

The Significance of Multilayer Cloud Systems in Tropical Convection ARM
Stephens, G. L.

November 2007

Characterization of Atmospheric Aerosols Using MFRSR Measurements ARM
Alexandrov, M. D.
Influence of Dust Composition on Cloud Droplet Formation ARM
Chuang, C.

September 2007

Comparisons Between Radiosondes and Remote Sensors During the 2004 NSA Arctic Winter Radiometric Experiment ARM
Westwater, E. R.
Theoretical Formulation for Cloud-to-Rain Transition ARM
Liu, Y.
Cloud Tomography: a Novel Method for Determining 3D Cloud Liquid Water Distribution ARM
Wiscombe, W. J.
Optical Depth Measurements by Shadowband Radiometers and Their Uncertainties ARM
Alexandrov, M. D.
Using Lidars to Retrieve Optical Depth of Thick Clouds ARM
Marshak, A.
Using a Cloud-Resolving Model to Identify the Role of Aerosols on Clouds and Precipitation ARM
Using ARM Cloud Data to Evaluate the Effect of a Land Surface on Clouds ARM
A Proposed Measurement Standard for Diffuse Radiation Flux ARM
Michalsky, J. J.
Use of ARM Products in Reanalysis Applications and IPCC Model Assessment ARM
Walsh, J. E.
Using Doppler Radar to Characterize Cloud Parameters ARM
Kogan, Y.
A Bulk Parameterization of Giant Cloud Condensation Nuclei ARM
Kogan, Y.

August 2007

Study Aerosol Humidity Effects Using the ARM Measurements ARM
Li, Z.
Development of a New Method for Estimating Evapotranspiration Using ARM Measurements ARM
Li, Z.
Encountering a Longstanding Cloud Physics Question in the Arctic: How Is Ice Formed in Moderately Supercooled Clouds? ARM
Fridlind, A. M.
Sub-Grid Scale Cloud Variability Affects Vertical Structure of Clouds and Radiative Heating ARM
McFarlane, S. A.
ARM-Funded Algorithms Lead to Marked Improvements in Global Weather Forecast Model ARM
Morcrette, J. J.
Raman Lidar Observations of Aerosol Humidification Near Clouds ARM
Ferrare, R. A.
Validation of CERES-MODIS Cloud Properties Using ARM Data ARM
Dong, X.
A Climatology of Midlatitude Continental Cloud Properties and Their Impact on the Surface Radiation Budget ARM
Dong, X.
Observational Evidence of Changes in Water Vapor, Clouds, and Radiation ARM
Dong, X.
Observations of Microphysical Properties of Single-Layer Stratocumulus During the Mixed-Phase Arctic Cloud Experiment ARM
McFarquhar, G.
Testing and Comparing the Modified Anomalous Diffraction Approximation ARM
Mitchell, D. L.
Can Ice-Nucleating Aerosols Affect Arctic Seasonal Climate? ARM
Prenni, A. J.
Quantifying Error in the Radiative Forcing of the First Aerosol Indirect Effect ARM
McComiskey, A. C.
Mineral Dust Altering Cloud Microphysics and Precipitation ARM
Min, Q.
Modification of the Atmospheric Boundary Layer by a Small Island: Observations from Nauru ARM
Long, C. N.
Retrieving Cloud Characteristics from Ground-Based Daytime Color All-Sky Images ARM
Long, C. N.
An Assessment of the ECMWF Model over the Arctic Land Using Observations from the Mixed-Phase Arctic Cloud Experiment ARM
Xie, S.
General Formulation for Representing Cloud-to-Rain Transition in Atmospheric Models ARM
Liu, Y.
Importance of Small Ice Crystals to Cirrus Properties: Observations from TWP-ICE ARM
McFarquhar, G.
Improved Accuracy in Liquid Water Path Retrievals ARM
Turner, D. D.
The Vertical Structure of Cloud Radiative Forcing at the ACRF SGP Revealed by 8 Years of Continuous Measurements ARM
Mace, G.
ARM Measurements Validate New Satellite Multilayer Cloud Remote Sensing Method ARM
Minnis, P.
Cloud Observations at Niamey During the AMF Deployment ARM
Kollias, P.
Weather Forecasting in the Tropics with Climate Models Is Feasible ARM
Boyle, J.

April 2007

Shallow Clouds Make the Case for Remote Sensing Instrumentation ARM
McFarlane, S. A.

February 2007

On Thin Ice: Retrieval Algorithms for Ice Clouds Examined for Improvements ARM
Comstock, J. M.

January 2007

Data from Saharan Dust Storm Reveal Model Deficiencies ARM
McFarlane, S. A.
A Surprising Problem with Thin Liquid Water Clouds ARM
Turner, D. D.

October 2006

"Roobik" Is Part of the Answer, Not a Puzzle ARM
Turner, D. D.
Weather Forecasts Help to Understand Climate Model Biases ARM
Klein, S.

May 2006

Tackling Tropical Convection in Climate Models ARM
Zhang, G.
Bell-Shaped Curve Captures Cloud System Variability ARM
Lamb, P. J.

April 2006

Broadband Albedo Observations in the Southern Great Plains ARM
Lamb, P. J.

February 2006

Aerosols Help Clouds Warm Up Arctic ARM
Lubin, D.

July 2005

Small Processes Make a Big Difference in Model Outcomes ARM
Cole, J. N.

June 2005

Correction Method for Infrared Detector Confirmed; Error in Clear Sky Bias Condition Remains Unresolved ARM
Turner, D. D.

May 2005

Aerosol Experiment Results Featured in Technical Journal ARM
Sheridan, P.
Earth Lightens Up ARM
Long, C. N.

April 2005

Splitting the Solar Spectrum: Sometimes Less Is Better Than More ARM
Pawlak, D. T.

March 2005

Characterizing the Co-Existence of Water and Ice in Arctic Clouds ARM
McFarquhar, G.
Self-Regulation Strikes a Balance Between Hydrological Cycle, Radiation Processes, and Intraseasonal Dynamic Variations ARM
Stephens, G. L.

February 2005

New Technique Successful for Measuring Thickness of Broken Clouds ARM
Marshak, A.
Probabilistic Approach Useful for Evaluating Cloud System Models ARM
Jakob, C.

January 2005

ARM Program Research Improves Longwave Radiative Transfer Models ARM
Turner, D. D.

November 2004

A "Little" Respect: Droplet Nucleation Finally Included in Global Climate Model ARM
Ghan, S. J.
Continuous Dataset of Water Vapor Measurements Throws Water on Assumptions of Cirrus Cloud Formation ARM
Comstock, J. M.
ARM Observations Validate Climate Model for Tropical Cirrus Clouds ARM
Comstock, J. M.

October 2004

Data from DOE Atmospheric Radiation Measurement Program Allows Evaluation of Surface Models ARM
Robock, A.
For Estimates of Cloud Optical Thickness, Simple Equation Is Good Enough ARM
Barnard, J.
ARM Program Surface Measurements for Aerosol Profiles Shown to Represent Integrated Column Measurements ARM
Andrews, E.
Out with the Old, in with the New: McICA to Replace Traditional Cloud Overlap Assumptions ARM
Pincus, R.
A Deeper Look Into Shallow Boundary Layer Clouds ARM
Bretherton, C. S.

August 2004

Weather Prediction and Climate Simulation: a Meeting of the Models ARM
Xie, S.
"Radiance Assimilation" Correction Method Improves Water Vapor Radiosonde Observations in the Upper Troposphere ARM
Soden, B. J.

June 2004

Island-Induced Cloud Plumes Influence Tropical Atmospheric Measurements, Surface Radiation ARM
McFarlane, S. A.
Effects of Relative Humidity on Aerosols—Implications for Climate ARM
Lacis, A. A.
ARM Program Achieves Milestone in Global Cloud Properties Research ARM
Revercomb, H. E.
Climate Warming Due to Soot and Smoke? Maybe Not. ARM
Penner, J. E.
ARM Sites Enable Assessment of Cluster Analysis for Identifying Cloud Regimes ARM
Jakob, C.
Environmental Thermodynamics Affect Radiative Impact of Deep Convective Cloud Systems ARM
Jensen, M.
Dust in the Wind... and the Clouds... and the Atmosphere ARM
Sassen, K.
Initial Aerosol Concentration Is Key Contributor to Low-Level Cloud Reflectivity ARM
Penner, J. E.
Seasonal Case Studies Reveal Significant Variance in Large-Scale Forcing Data ARM
Xie, S.
Hemispherical Simulations Show Impact of Aerosols on Cloud Reflectivity ARM
Rotstayn, L.
Mean and Variance Measurements of Photon Path Length in Oxygen A-Band and Water Vapor Band Provide Insight Into Radiative Transfer in Cloudy Conditions ARM
Min, Q.
Tropical Radiosonde Comparisons May Improve Past and Present Humidity Data ARM
Westwater, E. R.
Tropical Ice Cloud Simulations Using Scripps Single Column Model (SCM) Reveal Range of Model Uncertainties ARM
McFarquhar, G.
An Affordable, Flexible, and More Accurate Method for Computing Radiative Transfer ARM
Pincus, R.
Downward Longwave Irradiance Uncertainty Under Arctic Atmospheres: Measurements and Modeling ARM
Marty, C.
Cloud Phase Determination Using Ground-Based AERI Observations at SHEBA ARM
Turner, D. D.
Quantifying the Magnitude of Anomalous Solar Absorption ARM
Ackerman, T. P.
Progress in Understanding Water Vapor's Role in Models ARM
Ackerman, T. P.
Anthropogenic Aerosols: a Clearer Understanding ARM
Daum, P.
New Method for Three-Dimensional Imaging of Cirrus Clouds ARM
Liou, K.
Improved Simulation of Boundary Layer Clouds ARM
Ghan, S. J.
The Icy Business of Calculating Cirrus Clouds ARM
Somerville, R. C.
The K-Distribution Method for a SW Radiative Transfer Model ARM
Ackerman, T. P.
Modeling of Scattering and Absorption by Nonspherical Cirrus ARM
Dong, Q.
ARM Science Applications of AERI Measurements: 1997 Progress ARM
Smith, W. L.
Cloud Boundary Detection and Analysis from Micro Pulse Lidar ARM
Spinhirne, J.
AERI-ER at the SHEBA Ice Station: Far Infrared H2O Continuum ARM
Revercomb, H. E.
AERI Instrument Status and Analysis Results: 1998 ARM
Revercomb, H. E.
Optical Properties of the 1997 TWP Smoke Event ARM
Spinhirne, J.
A Consistency Analysis of ARESE Aircraft Measurements ARM
Li, Z.
Preview of TWP MFRSR Data ARM
Chuang, C.
Biases in Column Absorption for Fractal Clouds ARM
Wiscombe, W. J.
Modeled Vs. Measured Direct-Normal Solar Irradiance ARM
Schwartz, S. E.
Multifractal Analysis of Radiation in Clouds: 5000km to 50cm ARM
Lovejoy, S.
Intercomparison of Longwave Radiative Heating Algorithms ARM
Baer, F.
ARM Science Applications of AERI Measurements ARM
Smith, W. L.
Cloud Ensemble Simulation with the ARM IOP Data ARM
Xu, K.
Evaluation of Microwave Radiometer Performance in Alaska ARM
Liljegren, J. C.
Integrated Water Vapor and Cloud Liquid Water at MCTEX ARM
Liljegren, J. C.
A Comparison of Integrated Water Vapor Sensors: WVIOP-96 ARM
Liljegren, J. C.
Surface Characterization Data for the ARM SGP CART Site ARM
Cialella, A. T.
Single-Column Modeling, GCM Parameterizations and ARM Data ARM
Somerville, R. C.
Modeling Cloud Forcing in the Tropical West Pacific ARM
Kiehl, J.
Evaluation of Simulated Clouds and Radiation at the ARM Site ARM
Ghan, S. J.
Validating Single-Column Models with ARM Data ARM
Somerville, R. C.
Tests of Single-Column Models with ARM Data ARM
Randall, D. A.