Cloud Tracking Workshop


A hybrid workshop covering applications, key tools, opportunities, and datasets


Lagrangian analyses of clouds and other atmospheric phenomena provide significant potential to understand and constrain their full lifecycle. There exist a wide range of tools to detect and track clouds in observations and models. However, most existing tools are restricted to specific data sources or use cases, limiting their broad applicability. The aim of this workshop is to discuss scientific applications and opportunities emerging from cloud tracking while at the same time providing an overview of key tools and datasets. Such key tools and datasets are expected to play an important role in the analysis of the observations from upcoming space missions focused on clouds and convection including EarthCare, INCUS and AOS, as well as with the model datasets arising from revolutionary development of k-scale models.


The first two days of the workshop will be organised as a discussion heavy general scientific workshop on cloud tracking, with sessions focusing on scientific applications, tools and datasets. The third day of the workshop will be devoted to science and strategy related to the tracking and object-based analysis of clouds (tobac) tool, an open-source modular framework for cloud tracking across a wide range of observational (satellite, radar) and model data sources. The workshop will be followed by a two-day tobac developers meeting.


It is anticipated to summarise the workshop findings in a review/perspective paper on the scientific opportunities and methodologies for cloud tracking.

Important Deadlines

Feb. 28: Abstract submissions due