Postdoctoral Appointee – Computational Science for Atmospheric Modeling


We are a broad team of computational and atmospheric scientists at the Computer Science Research Institute (CSRI) working together to develop improved atmospheric models (dynamical cores) for the atmospheric component of the Energy Exascale Earth System Model (E3SM), which is a flagship, state of the art Earth System model developed by the Department of Energy. Our team seeks to improve the atmospheric dynamical cores used in E3SM, through the development of novel spatial and temporal numerics that offer increased computational performance and simulation quality.
The initial project for this position will be working on time-stepping schemes for a new cloud resolving model (CRM) being developed as part of the E3SM multiscale modeling framework (E3SM-MMF) project. Specifically, we are interested in exploring both semi-implicit and structure-preserving approaches for the anelastic and fully-compressible equations. However, as funding allows, there is flexibility to work on other projects and take the time to grow expertise in a new research area under mentorship of our team and other CSRI staff.

More generally, we are looking for a post-doc who would like to join our team and conduct novel research that spans multiple fields in the physical sciences, engineering, and scientific computing; and who will enjoy continued learning, working on research teams, and helping to develop new ideas. Our team, and CSRI more generally are committed to nurturing a culture compatible with a broad group of people and perspectives in accordance with the changing makeup of the workforce. In support of this vision, we are actively recruiting applicants from a diverse group of backgrounds and who are committed to fostering an inclusive community.