Postdoctoral Research Scientist in Cloud System Modeling


The Center for Climate Systems Research (CCSR) at Columbia University is seeking a postdoctoral research scientist to work on improving the representation of post-frontal mixed-phase cloud systems in atmospheric models. The position will entail (i) developing and running aerosol-aware single-column model (SCM) and large-eddy simulations based on observations obtained during cold-air outbreak conditions observed at several long-term ground sites, and (ii) evaluating the NASA GISS ModelE3 climate model against long-term ground-based observations using a newly developed simulator approach. The postdoctoral scientist will join a cloud and aerosol physics team that spans satellite and field measurements, turbulence-resolving modeling of aerosol-cloud interactions, and climate model development and applications. Strong coding skills are a requirement. The postdoctoral scientist is expected to present findings at scientific conferences, and to prepare successful peer-reviewed publications in established scientific journals.