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Cloud Life Cycle


Penner, J. E.
Why Do General Circulation Models Overestimate the Aerosol Cloud Lifetime Effect? ARM ASR


Ahlgrimm, M.
Regime Dependence of Cloud Water Variability Observed at the ARM Sites ARM ASR
Albrecht, B. A.
Exploring Stratocumulus Cloud-Top Entrainment Processes and Parameterizations by Using Doppler ARM ASR
Burleyson, C. D.
Clouds' Role in Sunlight Stopping ARM ASR
Observing the Amazon: the Role of Time and Place in Cloud Measurements ARM ASR
de Boer, G.
An Update on Unmanned Platforms at Oliktok Point ARM ASR
Fridlind, A. M.
Fall Speeds of Cirrus Crystals Faster Than Expected ARM ASR
Jensen, M., Giangrande, S.
The Midlatitude Continental Convective Clouds Experiment (MC3E) ARM ASR
Kuang, Z.
Dependence of Entrainment in Shallow Cumulus Convection on Vertical Velocity and Distance to Cloud Edge ASR
Kulkarni, G.
Pollution Changes Clouds' Ice Crystal Genesis ASR
Liu, Y.
Improving Entrainment Rate Parameterization ARM ASR
Morrison, H. C., Lebo, Z.
Back to Basics: Theoretical Studies on Storm Clouds and Implications for Modeling ASR
Ovchinnikov, M.
Storm Clouds Take Rain on Rollercoaster Ride ARM ASR
Painemal, D., Minnis, P.
MAGIC Ship-Based Observations Help Validate Satellite Microwave Liquid Water Path ARM ASR
Ryzhkov, A.
Quasi-Vertical Profiles – a New Way to Look at Polarimetric Radar Data ARM ASR
Williams, C. C.
Diagnosing Raindrop Evaporation, Breakup, and Coalescence in Vertical Radar Observations ARM ASR
Wu, W., McFarquhar, G.
On the Impacts of Different Definitions of Maximum Dimension for Nonspherical Cloud Particles ARM ASR
Yang, Q.
Trace Gas Removal by Deep Convective Storms ARM ASR
Zhang, M., Tang, S.
An Ensemble-Constrained Variational Analysis of Atmospheric Forcing Data and Its Application ARM ASR
Zheng, X.
ARM Azores Observations Help Identify Deficiencies in Climate Model Simulations of Low Clouds ARM ASR


Chandra, A. S.
Retrieving Routine Rain Rates from a Ka-Band Profiling Radar Platform ARM ASR
Del Genio, A. D.
Simulating the MJO: Everybody Into the (Cold) Pool! ARM ASR
Dong, X.
DCS Ice Cloud Microphysical Properties Derived from Aircraft Data During MC3E ARM ASR
Feng, Z.
Intersecting Cold Pools: Convective Cloud Organization by Cold Pools over Tropical Ocean ARM ASR
Kneifel, S.
Observed Relations Between Snowfall Microphysics and Triple-Frequency Radar Observations ARM ASR
Lamer, K.
Observation of Fair-Weather Cumuli over Land Dynamical Factors Controlling Cloud Size and Cover ARM ASR
Maahn, M., Loehnert, U.
Developing and Evaluating Ice Cloud Parameterizations by Combining Radar and in Situ Observations ARM ASR
McFarquhar, G.
Assessing Impact of Shattered Artifacts on Measured Size Distributions ARM ASR
The Shapes and Phases of Small Particles in Mixed-Phase Clouds ARM ASR
Morrison, H. C.
A New Approach for Representing Ice Particles in Weather and Climate Model ASR
Muhlbauer, A., Kalesse, H.
Comparison of Vertical Velocities in Cirrus Derived from Aircraft and Ground-based Radar ARM ASR
Ovchinnikov, M.
Evaluation of Subgrid-Scale Hydrometeor Transport Using a High-Resolution CRM ARM ASR
Ovink, J.
The Two Faces of Aerosols ARM ASR
Pu, Z.
Evaluation of Double-Moment Microphysical Parameterization with Observations During MC3E ARM ASR
Romps, D.
Stereo Photogrammetry Reveals Substantial Drag on Cloud Thermals ASR
Sticky Thermals: Evidence for a Dominant Balance Between Buoyancy and Drag in Cloud Updrafts ASR
Solomon, A., Shupe, M.
Sensitivity of Arctic Mixed-Phase Stratocumulus to Surface-Layer and Cloud-Top Moisture Sources ARM ASR
Um, J., McFarquhar, G.
Single Particle Database of Natural Ice Crystals: Dimensions and Aspect Ratios ARM ASR
Van Weverberg, K.
Regime Analysis to Identify the Contribution of Clouds to Surface Temperature Errors in GCMs ARM
Varble, A., Zipser, E.
Finding the Causes for Consistently Low Biased Stratiform Rainfall in Models ARM ASR
Overly Intense Convective Updrafts Exposed as a Significant Contributor to Model Biases ARM ASR
Zhang, M.
Scale‐Aware Parameterization of Liquid Cloud Inhomogeneity and Its Impact on Simulated Climate ARM ASR
Three-Dimensional Constrained Variational Analysis: Approach and Application ARM ASR


Bassill, N. P., Zipser, E.
Accuracy of GFS and ECMWF Hurricane Sandy Track Forecasts Dependent on Cumulus Parameterization ASR
Borque, P.
First Observations of Tracking Clouds Using Scanning ARM Cloud Radars ARM ASR
Chandra, A. S.
Automated Rain Rate Estimates Using the Ka-band ARM Zenith Radar (KAZR) ARM ASR
Collis, S. M.
The Emergence of Open Source Software for the Weather Radar Community ARM ASR
Dong, X.
Diurnal Variation of MBL Cloud Properties over the Azores ARM ASR
Validation of CERES-MODIS Cloud Retrievals Using the Azores Data ARM ASR
Fielding, M. D.
Observing Warm Clouds in 3D Using ARM Scanning Cloud Radars and a Novel Ensemble Method ARM ASR
Ghate, V. P.
Marine Stratocumulus Clouds: Turbulence-Raidation-Thermodynamics Coupling ASR
Giangrande, S.
Precipitation Estimation from the ARM Distributed Radar Network ARM ASR
Kassianov, E.
Fast and Rigorous: Finding Surface Reflectivity by Looking Up at Clouds ARM
Kneifel, S.
Which Absorption Model Should Be Used for Supercooled Liquid Water in the Microwave? ARM
Kumjian, M.
Deciphering Raindrop Collisions with Dual-polarization Radar ARM ASR
Lamer, K., Kollias, P.
Evaluation of Gridded SACR Reflectivity Observations and Vertical Doppler Velocity Retrievals ARM ASR
Ma, H.
Most Systematic Errors in Climate Models Appear in Only a Few Days of Model Integration ASR
Mishra, S., Mitchell, D. L.
Parameterization of Ice Fall Speeds in Midlatitude Cirrus: Results from SPartICus ARM ASR
Ovchinnikov, M.
Research Masters the Misunderstood Mixed-Phase Cloud ARM ASR
Phillips, T. J., Klein, S.
Observational Analysis of Land-Atmosphere Coupling for Climate Model Evaluation ARM ASR
Ryzhkov, A.
Hail Generation and Melting in Deep Convective Clouds from the Perspective of Dual-polarization ARM ASR
Schumacher, C.
Madden–Julian Oscillation Heating: to Tilt or Not to Tilt ASR
Shaw, R. A.
Location Matters: Origin of Ice Formation Influences Mixed-phase Stratiform Clouds ARM ASR
Turner, D. D.
Understanding the Differences Between Absolution Calibration Techniques in the Microwave ARM ASR
Water Vapor Turbulence Statistics in the Convective Boundary Layer ARM ASR
Verlinde, J.
Arctic Multilayered Mixed-Phase Cloud Processes ARM ASR
Wu, W.
Multi-Scale Variations of Decade-Long Cloud Fractions from Six Different Platforms over the SGP ARM ASR
Xie, S.
Interactions Between Cumulus Convection and Its Environment as Revealed by MC3E ARM ASR
Zhang, D., Wang, Z.
Ice Concentration Retrieval in Stratiform Mixed-Phase Clouds Using Cloud Radar Measurements ARM ASR


Ahlgrimm, M.
Addressing the “Light Precipitation Problem” in the ECMWF Global Model ARM ASR
Berg, L.
Cotton-Ball Clouds Contained ARM ASR
Evaluation of a Modified Scheme for Shallow Convection with CuP ARM ASR
Bhattacharya, A.
A Finer Mesh to Improve Cloud Representation in Climate Models? ARM
Chinese Researchers Report Reliable Method for Monitoring Soil Moisture ARM
Cloud Survey over West Africa Reveals Climate Impact of Mid-Level Clouds ARM
Desert Dust Determines Aerial Spread of Thunderstorm Clouds ARM ASR
Higher Clouds Retain Less Energy ARM
New Method Simulates 3D Ice Crystal Growth Within Clouds ASR
Shaking Things Up—What Triggers Atmospheric Convection in the West African Sahel? ARM
Study Proposes New Scheme to Characterize Land-Atmosphere Interactions and Improve Climate Models ARM
Collis, S. M.
Statistics of Vertical Velocities from Monsoonal Convection with Verification ARM
Comstock, J. M.
Nailing Down Ice in a Cloud Model ARM ASR
de Boer, G.
Understanding Aerosol Effects on Liquid Processes in Mixed-Phase Clouds ARM ASR
Del Genio, A. D.
Modeling from a Tropical State of Mind ARM ASR
Dong, X.
Evaluation of WRF Microphysics Schemes in Squall Line Simulations ARM ASR
Fang, M., Albrecht, B. A.
All Mixed Up—Probing Large- and Small-Scale Turbulence Structures in Continental Stratocumulus Clouds ARM ASR
Feng, Z.
The Short and the Long of Storms: Tracing a Deep Convective System’s Life in the Midlatitude ASR
Flaherty, J.
Rain and Cloud Resistance ARM ASR
Fridlind, A. M.
First-of-Its-Kind Intercomparison Study Highlights Needed Improvements in Atmospheric Models ARM ASR
Giangrande, S.
An Application of Linear Programming Techniques to ARM Polarimetric Radar Processing ARM ASR
New Insights Into Deep Convective Core Vertical Velocities Using ARM UHF Wind Profilers ARM ASR
Gustafson, W. I.
Digging Into Climate Models' Needs with SPADE ARM ASR
Hagos, S. M.
Tropical Clouds: from Jekyll to Hyde ARM ASR
Hanlon, C.
Field Campaign Resource Allocation Using Statistical Decision Analysis ARM ASR
Kennedy, A. D.
The Impact of Instrument Selection and Sampling on Cloud Fraction at the ARM Southern Great Plains Site ARM ASR
Kollias, P.
Power in the Vertical: Using Wind Profiler Data to Study Precipitation ARM ASR
Liu, Y., Lu, C.
Entrainment Rate in Shallow Cumuli: Probabilistic Distribution and Dependence on Dry Air Sources ARM ASR
Exploring Parameterization for Turbulent Entrainment-Mixing Processes in Clouds ARM ASR
Strong Impacts of Vertical Velocity on Cloud Microphysics and Implications for Aerosol Indirect ARM ASR
Liu, Y., Wu, W.
Evaluation of Cloud Properties in Major Reanalyses ARM ASR
Luke, E.
Drizzle in the Making ARM ASR
Mather, J. H.
Twenty Years Serving Climate Science ARM
Morcrette, C. J., Bhattacharya, A.
Different Strokes for Different Folks—Not Any More, Say Scientists at the UK Met Office ARM ASR
Roeder, L. R.
First Comes the Thunder: Precursors to Local Rainfall in the West African Monsoon ARM ASR
Romps, D.
Is Cumulus Drag a Rayleigh Drag? ASR
Measurement of Convective Entrainment Using Lagrangian Particles ARM ASR
Shaw, R. A.
A Minimalist Approach to Modeling Complex Arctic Clouds ARM ASR
Shupe, M.
Arctic Mixed-Phase Clouds Persist with Little Help from the Local Surface ASR
The Complexity of Arctic Clouds ARM ASR
Unique Properties of the Arctic Stratiform Cloud-Top Region ARM ASR
Shupe, M., Turner, D. D.
High and Dry - Probing Greenland's Atmosphere and Clouds ARM
Um, J., McFarquhar, G.
Optimal Method to Determine Orientation Average of Scattering Properties of Ice Crystals ARM ASR
Van Weverberg, K.
Effect of Environmental Instability on the Sensitivity of Convection to the Rimed Ice Species ASR
Van Weverberg, K., Vogelmann, A. M.
Evaluation of Cloud Properties and Precipitation for Stratiform and Convective Simulations ASR
Importance of Environmental Instability to the Sensitivity of the Rimed Ice Species in Convection ASR
Microphysics Complexity in Squall Line Simulations ASR
The Role of Microphysics Parameterization in Simulating Tropical Mesoscale Convective Systems ARM ASR
Xie, S.
Linking Ice Nucleation to Aerosols and Its Impact on CAM5 Simulated Arctic Clouds and Radiation ARM ASR
Zhang, Y.
What Controls the Vertical Extent of Continental Shallow Cumulus? ARM ASR


Ahlgrimm, M., Forbes, R. M.
ARM Observations Guide Low-Cloud Parameterization Development in the ECMWF Model ARM ASR
Botta, G., Verlinde, J.
Millimeter Wave Scattering from Ice Crystals and Their Aggregates ARM ASR
Cadeddu, M. P.
Dielectric Models of Supercooled Cloud Water Evaluated Using ARM Data ARM
Del Genio, A. D.
Memo from Real World to Cumulus Parameterizations: Get Organized! ARM ASR
Feng, Z., Dong, X.
TOA Radiation Budget of Convective Core/Stratiform Rain/Anvil Clouds from Deep Convection ARM ASR
Fischer, M. L.
Measured Radiative Cooling from Reflective Roofs in India ARM
Fridlind, A. M., Mrowiec, A. A.
Cloud-Resolving Model (CRM) Simulations: Robust Results for Use in Climate Model Development ARM ASR
Fridlind, A. M., Ackerman, A.
Tropical Rain Clouds Still a Challenge to Cloud-Resolving Models ARM ASR
Gero, J., Turner, D. D.
Trends in Downwelling Longwave Radiation over SGP ARM ASR
Kablick III, G. P., Ellingson, R. G.
Performance of Longwave Radiative Transfer Models for 3D Cloud Fields ARM
Lin, Y.
Comparing Global Atmospheric Model Simulations of Tropical Convection ARM ASR
Long, C. N.
Case Closed on Nauru Island Effect ARM ASR
Challenging Work: Observing in the Arctic ARM ASR
Long, C. N., May, P. T.
Diurnal Cycle of Monsoon Clouds, Precipitation, and Surface Radiation ARM ASR
Ma, H.
Metrics and Diagnostics for Climate Model Short-Range Hindcasts ASR
McFarquhar, G., Nousiainen, T. P.
Small Irregular Ice Crystals in Tropical Cirrus ARM ASR
The Influence of Observed Cirrus Microphysical Properties on Shortwave Radiation: a Case Study ARM ASR
Mlawer, E. J.
Development and Recent Evaluation of the MT_CKD Model of Continuum Absorption ARM ASR
Morrison, H. C.
Simulating the Impact of Aerosols on Tropical Deep Convection ARM
Oreopoulos, L., Mlawer, E. J.
ARM Measurements Help to Evaluate Radiation Codes Used in Global Modeling ARM ASR
Qian, Y.
Clouds Get in the Way: How Climate Models Calculate the Effects of Clouds on Earth's Warming ARM ASR
Riihimaki, L.
Mid-Level Cloud Formation at the ARM Darwin Site ARM ASR
Turner, D. D., Mlawer, E. J.
First Ground-Based Spectral Observations of the Entire Infrared Band ARM ASR
Improving Water Vapor Continuum Absorption and Its Impact on a GCM Simulation ARM ASR
van Diedenhoven, B., Fridlind, A. M.
Satellite Constraints on Cloud-Top Phase, Ice Size, and Asymmetry Parameter over Deep Convection ARM
Wang, M.
How to Catch Aerosols in the Act ASR
Xie, S.
Many Forecast Errors Are Climate Errors ASR
Zhao, C., Klein, S.
CAM5 Shows Reasonable Aerosol First Indirect Effects on Non-Precipitating Low Liquid Clouds ARM ASR


de Boer, G.
Ground-Based Cloud Measurements Used to Evaluate the Simulation of Arctic Clouds in CCSM4 ARM
Ground-Based Measurements in Support of Liquid-Dependent Ice Nucleation in Arctic Clouds ARM ASR
Mixed-Phase Cloud Radiative Properties from M-PACE Microphysical Retrievals ARM ASR
Delamere, J. S.
Improving the Treatment of Radiation in Climate Models ARM
Del Genio, A. D.
Modeling the Sensitivity of Convection to Tropospheric Humidity ARM ASR
Preferred States of the Winter Arctic Atmosphere, Surface, and Sub-Surface ARM ASR
Fan, J.
Putting the Pieces Together ARM ASR
Fridlind, A. M., van Diedenhoven, B.
Influence of Humidified Aerosols on Lidar Depolarization Below Ice-Precipitating Arctic Clouds ARM ASR
Hagos, S. M.
Atmospheric Moistening by Clouds Sustains Madden-Julian Oscillation ARM ASR
Kassianov, E.
Cumuli Impact on Solar Radiation at Surface: Spectral Changes ARM ASR
Mace, G.
Cirrus Cloud Bimodal Size Distributions from ARM Remote Sensing Data ARM
Critical Evaluation of the ICARUS Portion of the ISCCP Simulator Using ARM Data ARM
McFarlane, S. A.
New Surface Albedo Data Set Enables Improved Radiative Transfer Calculations ARM
Mitchell, D. L.
Effective Diameter in Ice Clouds and Its Application to Terrestrial Radiation ARM ASR
Mitchell, D. L., Mishra, S.
Parameterizing the Ice Fall Speed in Climate Models: Results from TC4 and ISDAC ARM ASR
Possible Impact of Homogeneous Freezing Nucleation on in Situ Measurements ARM ASR
Morrison, H. C.
Comparison of Microphysics Schemes in Idealized Supercell Thunderstorm Simulations ARM ASR
Intercomparison of Model Simulations of Arctic Mixed-Phase Clouds ARM
Snow Particle Observations in Arctic Clouds ARM
Unraveling the Complexity of Arctic Mixed-Phase Clouds ARM ASR
Pritchard, M. S.
Progress Towards Climate Projections of Central U.S. Rainfall Using a Global Model with Embedded Explicit Convection ARM ASR
Solomon, A., Shupe, M.
Cloud-Top Humidity Inversions and the Maintenance of Arctic Mixed-Phase Stratocumulus ARM
Turner, D. D., Gero, J.
A Downwelling Infrared Radiance Climatology for the ARM Southern Great Plains Site ARM
Um, J., McFarquhar, G.
Dependence of the Single-Scattering Properties of Small Ice Crystals on Idealized Shape Models ARM ASR
Varble, A.
Evaluation of CRM Intercomparison Simulations Using TWP-ICE Observations, Part 1 ARM
Zeng, X., GSFC, N.
Estimating the Ice Crystal Enhancement Factor in the Tropics ARM ASR


Berg, L.
Surface Summertime Radiative Forcing by Shallow Cumuli at the ARM SGP ARM
Boyle, J., Klein, S.
Impact of Horizontal Resolution on Climate Model Simulations of Tropical Moist Processes ARM
Cetrone, J., Houze, R.
Anvil Clouds of Tropical Mesoscale Convective Systems in Monsoon Regions ARM
Chandra, A. S.
Long-Term Observations of Convective Boundary Layer Using Insect Returns at SGP ARM
Li, Z.
Estimating Glaciation Temperature of Deep Convective Clouds with Remote Sensing Data ARM ASR
Lin, Y.
A New Bulk Microphysical Scheme That Includes Riming Intensity and Temperature Dependent Ice Ch ARM
Parameterization of Riming Intensity and Its Impact on Ice Fall Speed Using ARM Data ARM
Varnai, T.
Multiyear Statistics of 2D Shortwave Radiative Effects at Three ARM Sites ARM
Yuan, J., Houze, R.
Global Variability of Mesoscale Convective System Anvil Structure from A-train Satellite Data ARM
Zhang, Y.
Mechanisms Affecting the Transition from Shallow to Deep Convection over Land ARM
Zhao, M., Wang, Z.
Comparison of Arctic Clouds Between ECMWF Simulations and ARM Observations at the NSA ARM ASR


Crewell, S., Loehnert, U., Turner, D. D., Ebell, K.
Quantifying the Number of Independent Pieces of Information in Profiles ARM
Ou, S.
Satellite Retrievals of Mixed-Phase Cloud Properties ARM
Wang, Y., Long, C. N., Leung, L., Dudhia, J., McFarlane, S. A., Mather, J. H., Ghan, S. J., Liu, X.
Evaluating Cloud Microphysics in High-Resolution WRF Simulations for Next-Generation Climate Models ARM


Davis, A. B.
Wide-Angle Imaging Lidar: Active Optical Sensor Technology for Ground-Based Probing of Dense Clouds ARM
Li, Z., Chen, R., Wood, R., Chang, F., Ferraro, R.
Vertical Variation of Cloud Droplet Size Using Ship and Space-Borne R/S Data ARM
Zhang, Y., Klein, S.
Evaluate the Diurnal Cycle in the Multiscale Modeling Framework Using Satellite and ARM Data ARM


Somerville, R. C.
Validating Single-Column Models with ARM Data ARM