Fall Working Groups - Presentations

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Monday, November 17 Sessions

Land-Atmosphere-Cloud Interactions (LACI) Plenary

Radar Science & Operations Meeting

ALWG AOS Harmonization

Tuesday, November 18 Morning Sessions

Joint CAPI/ALWG/CLWG Plenary Session on CCN

Joint CLWG/CAPI/ALWG Session on Modeling Warm Clouds

Tuesday, November 18 Afternoon Sessions

ARM Data Discovery Tools Hands-on Tutorial

    How to Find and Order ARM Data: Recent Changes and "Help" Session

DOE Plenary Session

ALWG Plenary

CLWG - Warm Clouds

CAPI - Warm Clouds

ALWG Absorbing Aerosol Breakout

Radar Session: "Breaking New Ground with Doppler Spectra: Microphysics and Dynamics, Models and Observations"

ARM Reorganization Session

  • ARM Updates (PDF, 3.12MB)
    Sally McFarlane and Rick Petty
Wednesday, November 19 Sessions

ALWG - Secondary Organic Aerosol

CLWG/CAPI Joint Ice Session

MAGIC Breakout Session

ALWG - Mixing State

ALWG - Session 1

ALWG - Session 2

CAPI - Ice Nucleation

CLWG - ICEPRO/QUICR: Ice Properties and Related Uncertainties

  • ICEPRO Deliverable - D1-D12 (PDF, 8.9MB)
    Greg McFarquhar, David Mitchell, Dan Lubin, Eli Mlawer, Hugh Morrison, Ann Fridlind, Jerry Harrington and Xiquan Dong


CLWG - ICEPRO: General Discussion on Upgrading Models and Parameterizations, ICEPRO FG Whitepaper Discussion


Radar Session:"Introduction to Scanning Radar Forward Simulations Using CRM Output from the Aerosol-deep Convection Interactions Study (MC3E)

AMIE/DYNAMO Observation-Modeling Integration

Thursday, November 20 Sessions

Deep Convection: CLWG/CAPI Joint Session

CAPI - Deep Convection

CLWG - MCO / Deep Convection/Cold Pools