Presentations - Science Team Meeting 2011

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Monday, March 28 Morning Session

Orientation for New and Current PIs

Monday, March 28 Afternoon Breakout Sessions

CARES Data Workshop

FASTER Breakout Session

Monday, March 28 Evening Breakout Sessions

Lidar Instrument Group

Tuesday, March 29 Morning Session

Morning Plenary

Tuesday, March 29 Afternoon Breakout Sessions

Broadband Radiometric Measurements Group

ISDAC: Observations to Modeling

ARM Climate Research Facility in the Amazon Basin

Tuesday, March 29 Evening Breakout Sessions

Roundtable Discussion on BNL Aerosol Life Cycle IOP

Data Quality Update

Wednesday, March 30 Morning Session

Morning Plenary

Wednesday, March 30 Afternoon Breakout Sessions

Aerosol Modeling

TCAP: Two-Column Aerosol Project

Wednesday, March 30 Evening Breakout Sessions

Planning for Four-Corners SW Region Climate Field Proposal

Thursday, March 31 Morning Session

Morning Plenary