Presentations - Science Team Meeting 2010

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Monday, March 15 Morning Sessions
Monday, March 15 Morning Breakout Sessions

SGP Domain Reconfiguration

Monday, March 15 Afternoon Breakout Sessions

Recovery Act Instrumentation and Mentor Gathering

FASTER Breakout Session

Monday, March 15 Evening Breakout Sessions


Vertical Velocity Focus Group

Tuesday, March 16 Morning Plenary

ASR Programmatic Updates

ASR Science Plan

Tuesday, March 16 Science Theme Presentations

Cloud Life Cycle

Cloud, Aerosol, and Precipitation Interactions

Tuesday, March 16 Evening Breakout Sessions

RIPBE: Radiatively Important Parameters Best Estimate

CARES Field Campaign Planning

Wednesday, March 17 Morning Plenary
Wednesday, March 17 Lunch Breakout Sessions

Lidar Focus Group

VAP Data Quality

Wednesday, March 17 Afternoon Breakout Sessions

Common Calibration Database Overview


Radar Group Meeting

Aerosols and Climate in China: Update on AMF-China

Recovery Act Radar Deployment

Wednesday, March 17 Evening Breakout Sessions

FAST–Physics Testbed

Thursday, March 18 Morning Breakout Sessions

GVAX: Science and Implementation Plans

Thursday, March 18 Morning Working Group Meetings: Parallel Sessions

Cloud Life Cycle

Aerosol Life Cycle

Thursday, March 18 Afternoon Meetings

Cloud, Aerosol, and Precipitation Interactions Working Group Meeting

Science and Infrastructure Steering Committee Meeting

SACR Moment Estimation Breakout