Presentations - Science Team Meeting 2012

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Monday, March 12 Morning Session

Orientation for New and Current PIs

Aerosol Life Cycle IOP (ALCIOP) Breakout

Quantification of Uncertainty in Cloud Retrievals (QUICR)

FAst-physics System TEstbed and Research (FASTER)

Aerosol Deep Cloud Interaction Interest Group

Broadband Radiometry Instrument and Measurement Interest Group -

Invitation Only

Marine ARM GCPI Investigations of Clouds (MAGIC)


Instrument Team Meeting

Tuesday, March 13 Morning Session

Morning Plenary

Midlatitude Continental Convective Clouds Experiment (MC3E)

Azores: Results from the CAP-MBL AMF Deployment and Plans for a New Fixed Site

Ice Nucleation

New Particle Formation

Convective-Stratiform-Anvil Transition (CSTAT)

Cloud Effects on Aerosol

Ganges Valley Aerosol Experiment (GVAX)

Arctic Clouds/Indirect and Semi-Direct Aerosol Campaign (ISDAC) Intercomparison

Radar Group Meeting

Two-Column Aerosol Project (TCAP)

Wednesday, March 14 Morning Session

Morning Plenary

AMIE MJO Investigation Experiment (AMIE)/Madden-Julian Oscillation (MJO) Discussions

ClearFlo-Detling IOP Overview

AMIE/DYNAMO Observation-Modeling Integration

New ARM Sites

Thursday, March 15 Morning Session