Presentations – Science Team Meeting 2014

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Monday, March 10

Aerosol Life Cycle Working Group (ALWG)

Cloud-Aerosol-Precipitation Interactions (CAPI) Working Group

CAPI Deep Convective Clouds

CAPI Warm Low Clouds

CAPI Ice Nucleation

Cloud Life Cycle Working Group (CLWG)

CLWG Cloud Phase Partitioning

CLWG Warm Low Clouds

Ice Physical Radiative Properties


Madden-Julien Oscillation (MJO)

Tuesday, March 11

DOE Plenary

Plenary Highlights

FASTER Breakout

Wednesday, March 12

Principle Investigator Talks Session 1

Principal Investigator Talks Session 2

Broadband Radiometer Instrument Focus Group Breakout

Secondary Organic Aerosol (SOA) Session

Biomass Burning Observations Project (BBOP)

Land-Atmosphere-Cloud Interactions

ARM Data Tutorial

Thursday, March 13

Principal Investigator Talks


Radar Science

CAPI Plenary Breakout Session

Vertical Velocity Focus Group


ARM All Hands Meeting